Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Cheating is normal

I admire guys who are in relationships with multiple partners and they have an understanding that sharing is caring. But it is not every women that will stand for that k£k straight from the beginning. I want to talk about cheating, why it is a necessity and how far you are allowed to cheat. It is a right neh.

To be upfront with you all, cheating is a need for every relationship to prosper. And the sad news is everyone cheats anyways. Maybe not you but your partner does.

As such, I’m very bothered by women who are just against everything men do including our birth right – cheating. It is in our genetic make-up as men to be very kind to strangers of the opposite sex.

And some of these signs are visible from a very young age, but we choose to ignore. Our senses and the law of attraction are not limited to any found ethics, it all depends on our ability to maintain.

Like for myself, I generally have a weakness for women. I feel like it’s my duty to help the needy. So saying no to an indirect proposal is just very hard.

I believe the world would be such a peaceful place if women just gave us the freedom to fulfill our duty on earth. Firstly, every woman would be happy and know their place in society. All this jealousy and unnecessary competitions would come to an end.

But it just had to be Eve to eat the apple. And now, for some reason women have confidently grown some entitlement for everything under the sun including everyone who they call their boyfriend. Very selfish and self-centered, oshili.

When I started writing these confessions, I once asked what the world would be if every guy committed to one woman. With the blessing of women in abundance, what would the others have for themselves? And then they bring up the lesbian and gay argument and a mathematical way of cancelling out the remainders. Not fair.

I have decided to be single for some time now because of my past relationships. That woman was a magnet or better yet the annoying bubble-gum that sticks on your clothes. Not only was she too much but the madam was everywhere, not even giving me time to explore other beauties.

I honestly feel it’s unfair considering how kind men are and having to hook them to one face, one pair of legs and smile all the time. It gets boring sometimes and it’s just best you understand that there are people out there who also require preferential treatment.

You cannot grow as a man if you don’t f*ck up. The only way to learn if she truly loves you is by cheating a few times. Women love being hurt a few times in order to work things out. Where will she go when all men are trash? I learned that from the few friends who are now married and happy.

The trick however is to know who your madam boss is and who to turn to when you get caught. Also, many idiots get caught and deny the allegations. Idiot, cheating is not a crime, lying is. That (lying) pisses women off more than the cheating. Have the balls and tell her that you were helping out the needy, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Nobody cheat to hurt his woman, it just has to happen and that’s why he comes back. Women should understand this. It’s more like having a Diploma but still going for an Advance Diploma – we all need the skills to bring back home.

But if you f*ck up too much too much, never for a second think she is just gonna stay. She will go out and sleep with your friend bra. And we all know how the thought of your woman cheating on you paralyses your mind. You will be unable to can. and just like they say – ‘No matter how far you urinate, the last drop always falls at your feet,’ meaning that news will eventually reach you.

My advice to all you madams is that once you find yourself a guy who thinks just like MfK, kindly take note that you are screwed for life.

There are many of the kind out there. The truth is that they refuse to grow and just because their erected penis has no conscience, they will bless you with all you didn’t pray for.

They will get you sick, beat you now and then, tell you shit and treat you like the trash they are. Why? Because they know you are made to believe you deserve no better. There might not be better guys out there but does not mean you deserve all the crap.

Dump that idiot and come to real men. But only do so when you have learned the difference. Otherwise, continue dancing to ringtones because you know not of a polyphonic life. Just by the way, I’m also single neh. Also available sometimes.

All the best with your cheater…