Friday 23 April 2021
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Hangana Seafood captain’s family in the dark about rescue mission

By Staff Reporter


The Hangana Seafood Captain Carlo Gordon went missing on 18th February recently when the Resplendent, the fishing vessel they were in sank.  A total of 26 employees who were on the vessel returned to shore, however Gordon remains missing.


Gordon who is employed by Hangana SeaFood which is a subsidiary company of the parent Company Olthaver & List has been missing since the 18th of February.


The Patriot reached out to the family and institutions that are directly involved in order to shed light on the recent developments on the search for Gordon. The missing captain’s brother Ryan Gordon expressed utmost disgust for the manner in which the Olthaver & List Group is handling the matter. Gordon’s brother said that there has been a lack of communication from the O&L Group as there has been no efforts to search for the missing captain. Gordon further added that a message was sent to his daughter stating that there was no news on his brother’s whereabouts to date.


“Our family is in disbelief that the O&L Group sent a lawyer from an insurance company to our house to communicate that there was no Remotely Operated Under Water Vehicle (ROV) that was going to be send down in search for the missing captain as there were no divers who can dive as deep as 320m”, Gordon added. He further stressed that his family told the lawyer that the family wants to communicate with Hangana Seafood which the lawyer defied by saying that the family should deal with the insurance company as Hangana Seafood has left the matter in the hands of the insurance company.


On Monday this week, the Gordon family approached Hangana Seafood to enquire on the ROV and their response was that it will cost millions to get an ROV to search for Carlo.” Our family is devastated and my mother is crying non stop, we don’t know where we are standing as there is no communication on how far the search for my brother has gone, we are still waiting”, said Gordon.


“Investigations are ongoing and a retired Captain has been asked to join the investigation team on sea”, said the Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Works and Transport Mr Julius Ngweda when asked on the ministry’s stance on the matter. Ngweda further added that the Ministry is solely concerned with the safety and security measures of the vessels and that the Namibian Police Force’s investigation team will provide preliminary findings of the investigations on the 20th of March.


“It is the first time that a vessel has sunk, we are all confused,” said Jackie Gordon the wife of the missing captain in an interview. When asked whether her family has received counselling amid the news of her missing husband, she responded that her family is still confused and her two children believe that their father is still alive. Today the Gordon family will be flown to the area where the vessel is believed to have sunk, in an attempt to get closure.


“How do I tell my children that we have to go for counselling? They believe that their ‘Pappi’ is still alive, our only hope is prayer as we are all confused” Jackie added.


When contacted for comment, Rouxche Locke the Public Relations Officer for the Olthaver and List Group said that investigations are still ongoing and if there are any developments her department will ensure that the media is informed.


Locke emphasised the help that Hangana Seafood has provided to the family. “We have hired an independent service provider that is not affiliated to the O&L group to provide counselling services on trauma for the family and to ensure that Hangana Seafood is in full support of the family at this stage” she said. “The family has indicated that for purposes of finding closure they want the body, we cannot provide that as it is in the hands of nature, however we offered to fly the family to the area where the boat got stuck,” Locke added.


When probed on the much awaited ROV which Hangana is failing to purchase in search for Gordon, she responded that she was not at liberty to comment on the matter as it is under investigation stating that its difficult to respond as it can interfere with the investigation.


When asked about the lack of communication between the O&L group and the missing captain’s family, Locke said there was two-way communication as the family would come to the office at times and that Hangana would also visit the family. The Gordon family contest this version with Ryan Gordon saying it is only after writing a letter and their persistent phone calls that has forced Hangana to respond to their plea for feedback. Last Friday, the family waited for news about a diver who would return with feedback, but the family claim the diver was never commissioned to do the dive.

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