Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Stop it – Tim

So, the Independence Day concert is slated to happen at Hage Geingob Stadium on Saturday 21 March, and it is gonna be lit, lit.

The line-up was announced three weeks ago, and Namibians are amped up to go and jam with some international performers.

There were of course some naysayers, and MTC’s Tim Ekandjo has the following to say to them:

“We have taken note of various complaints on social media claiming that the line- up is not diverse, that only artist from a certain tribe have been selected and some suggesting that we should include an artist from all 14 regions on the line-up.

Our official response to these complaints is as follows, we have been in the music industry for over 10 solid years now, between us and Namibia Breweries we have put together countless of concerts and music events, we have managed the NAMAs for the past 9 years and never in our history have we ever selected an artist based on the colour of their skin, their tribe, or regions where they come from.

The music industry is competitive, you are selected purely based on the quality of your music. There is no room for a selection criteria other than what I just mentioned. As an artist you must deserve to be on stage and only the quality of your music will earn you a spot.

We will therefore not entertain any suggestion that we should use any other criteria that has absolutely nothing to do with music. Entertaining suggestions like this sets a very dangerous precedent, the next thing we will say is ‘Please ensure the winners at the NAMA’s are equally spread against race and tribes, it defeats the purpose of making music. We have not come this far to go back many years ago. The entertainment line-up as announced will therefore remain. We might however add one or two more artist once we are granted permission to continue the show after 12 midnight.’”


And that’s that on that !

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