Sunday 20 June 2021
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Happy V Day

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing a few red decor ideas that will make Valentine’s Day come alive in your home.

Whether you’re looking for something bold, permanent, or subtle there’s a decor suggestion for everyone.

This Valentine’s Day let’s take our decorating skills up a notch.

Instead of buying new throw pillows (in this economy), use your current pillows and add the perfect touch by adding a new pillow sleeve.

Using a small strip of red fabric and wrapping it around your pillows will change the look of your sofa instantly. And even better, you’ll save money by using what you already have.

Towels are a great way to add some Val colour to your bathroom and kitchen. This year let’s get creative and give our towels a fresh new feel.

Instead of going for the usual red and white roses in a vase, add a personal touch, by putting your heart into this romantic decor by literally adding red hearts into the bottom of the vase.

Use bold red and white plates and bowls to make your home more vibrant.

Red is such a great colour because it infuses a room with life.


Take a look.

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