Monday 12 April 2021
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Why do babies cry?

Is there a scientific reason behind it?


A young Google search will tell you that when a baby is born, his / her first cry will kick-start their lungs. The obstetrician will suction their mouth and nose to clear away any mucus or amniotic fluid and make sure both nostrils are fully open. The new-born will be put onto the mother’s body, cord intact, and covered with a blanket.

One mom has her own thoughts on this though:

“Why do babies cry after they’re born? Are you serious? Do you know what their day has been like?

Imagine you are resting inside a warm comfy cocoon, the most comfortable place you can imagine. You are effortlessly fed; your body waste is invisibly removed and there are the reassuring body noises of your mother. It’s heaven.

Just when you are getting used to this life of luxury you are disrespectfully shoved out of your cocoon. For several hours you are punched around by contractions as you move through the birth canal. Have you seen a new-born? They have long heads because their poor little skulls have been compressed into the shape of spaghetti. They are squished so hard by the birth canal all the gunk is pushed out of their lungs.

No sooner is the gripping torture over, than you are ejected into a freezing cold loud and glaring place, surrounded by bossy urgent people. It’s like facing paparazzi but a hundred times worse.

And you don’t even have a publicist to protect you. I mean you have seen how new-borns scrunch up their eyes?

It’s because the glaring light is painful. As if that isn’t bad enough, people are sticking tubes down all your orifices. You have never been touched before and now they are doing all this to you. So invasive and mean.

And in some places, they even hit you on the bum.

The outraged squalling of new-borns is the equivalent of them shouting ‘how dare you pack of unknowns beat me like this?’

You know doctors say new-borns can’t smile.

I say they are seriously just mad at the whole birth process. No wonder it takes months for them to lose that outraged look and crack a smile.

And that, my dear is why new babies cry,” Lisa said when we asked her the question.

We dare say that her brilliant erudition is enough to shut down all further conversation on this particular subject.

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