Wednesday 14 April 2021
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What have you heard about women who wear flats?

“I was recently getting dressed for a full day that involved writing at a women’s co-working space, a book party and dinner. I pulled on jeans and a top with feather-trimmed sleeves —comfortable enough to hunch over my laptop but sophisticated enough for a cocktail party. For such a schedule, I’d normally wear flats and stuff a pair of high heeled pumps in my bad for later.

But that day I hesitated: Why lug around stilettos that would bulk up my bag and then force me to teeter uncomfortably, when my black velvet flats are just as lovely? I decided to put my (flat) foot down,” says Sheena Daries, a 24 year-old young professional.

“Women have always been wearing flats,” she says, “but what we’re seeing now is women wearing them from the minute they leave the house to the minute they come home. There is no shoe change any more. And that works just fine for me.”

A man adds his 2c: “Look, if as a woman you are going to decide to not wear heels at all, at least your choice of flat shoe should be chic enough to take you to anything you’re going to that day. Not these normal plakkies that you even can wear to the beach,” opines Gregorius Dausab.

How far would you go to keep your flats on? I bet not as far as this girl.

In 2016, 27-year-old Nicola Thorp reported for a job at PricewaterhouseCoopers in London and her supervisor told her that wearing heels was mandatory and because she did not comply, she was asked to leave.

Ms. Thorp started a petition protesting such archaic dress codes, which was investigated by two Parliament committees, which in the end vindicated her.

“The flats I wear ins professional setting are definitely elevated flats, they’re not boring flats. That’s a distinction. I like beautiful things; I like to look like I tried, and I also like to not fall over,” Sheena tells us, on how she navigates looking ‘unkempt’, having decided to keep it flat.

“Carrying two pairs of shoes appears indecisive and unwieldy, so I’ve stopped throwing heels in my bad. When I wore my flats on that jam-packed day, I was properly attired for the cocktail party, and hit my 10,000-step goal on my way there and didn’t teeter on a single interlock. I used to be head over heels for heels, but now, I’m just over heels.”

Natasha Jacobs cannot have a more opposing view.

“Abandon my heels? Not now, not ever. Tout the comfort of flats all you’d like, but I refuse to relinquish the power, stature, and self-assurance my spikes afford me as a concession to ‘practicality.’ Who even aspires to be practical?

Over the last few years, I have gathered amassed a small army of tall shoes, their heels starting at 4 inches high. Each and every morning, I take time to survey my stash and select my daily WMP (weapon of mass perfection).

No, I do not wear heels to attract the male gaze, but my heels provide a mental and physical boost that makes me feel invincible,” she says.

It has been suggested that men invented heels to sexualise women and hold them back; well if that were the case, gentlemen, I am happy to announce that you have failed dismally.


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