Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Tim is “Huebsch”

The Lounge had the rare opportunity of engaging Tim Huebschle recently on his life, love and work progress in the last year.

Being a bit camera shy (or in this case print-shy) Tim prefers to not have a lot of focus on himself as an individual, but rather on the works of passion that he has created – his films – and we are all too happy to oblige.

We did of course try to get in one or two more personal responses.

“Once you make a movie and you put it out there to the audience, it is a sort of bitter-sweet moment, because you leave your work to the world and you don’t know how it is going to be received; well, you have an inkling but at the same time, ‘jy weet nooit’ (you never know),” he says about the recent completion of his #LANDoftheBRAVEfilm.

The film premiered in Windhoek several weeks ago, and is now making its way to the rest of the country, in main stream cinemas, giving every Namibian the opportunity to view it.

In the midst of making this feature film (and completing another project which we will tell you about), Tim managed to find the time to tie the knot! He married his “beautiful wife” [name withheld] after having been in a relationship for some years.

“We took some time to decide how we were going to go about it; as we come from different cultures so we wanted to honour the cultures but at the same time honouring who we are and how we found each other. Married life is beautiful,” he says. “It is absolutely amazing.” Tim is proud of the fact that in his taking the step to get married, it is a proclamation to the world that “jy kan nie meer weg hardloop nie (you can’t run away anymore), “I am proclaiming to the world that this is my wife!”

Being somewhat a public figure, Tim is aware that he is in the public eye and therefore makes a concerted effort to keep as much of personal life private, and he seems to have found a balance that is working well for himself and his loved ones.

Something else Tim managed to complete during this year is the production of a documentary named Hafeni, the man of Mondesa, which was recently aired on DStv. The doccie follows the life of Heinrich Hafeni who found his niche market in Namibia’s tourism sector.

Tim says laughingly that he is more of a documentary type person any; he enjoys what he calls the “simpler act of telling a true story of a real-life person. Writing a fictional script is hard!”

It may indeed be hard, but in our opinion he is exceptionally good at it, as is proven by the many proven projects he has put his hand to.

Listen, you know you have made it in life when you have a Wikipedia page. Tim’s page says that he “is a Namibian film director and screenwriter.

After completing his high school in Windhoek, Tim Huebschle relocated to Cape Town and completed a Bachelor of Arts in English & German Literature at the University of Cape Town.”

They further say that “during his studies, he participated in a few film theory seminars and subsequently chose to follow a career in the film industry.

He started making independent short films in 2000, after leaving South Africa and moving to Berlin to pursue internships at production companies in the buzzing German capital and film hub.

In 2003 he returned to his home country Namibia where he had secured a production budget for Savanna Stories, a 13-part documentary series, aired on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).

Upon completion of the series in 2005, Huebschle continued to work as director on a wide range of short films, documentaries, music videos and commercials.

Throughout the years he collected numerous local and international accolades for his work. In 2013/14 he directed 26 episodes of a documentary series and 20 episodes of a children’s series for the afternoon programming of the German TV station ARD.” In the last year, Tim says he has learned how to really navigate the social media sphere as he is personally responsible for the online presence of his feature film, along with its producer.

He has learned how to generate and create content and is happy with the new ideas that spring up due to this development in technology and how it can be used in future in the realm of film and filmmaking.

What is Tim most proud of? “People across the country are watching a Namibian movie, inside the cinemas, on a Friday night,” he says. That is what gives him the most joy. Oh, and his wife of course.

The multi-talented, versatile and humble creative that is Tim Huebschle is far from done, he says. He still has a few documentaries and films swirling around in his mind and he is off to a secret location soon, to stimulate the flow of those creative juices.

We are here, waiting for it!

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