Friday 18 June 2021
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MB Song Night 2019 is ending with a bang!

As the curtains come to a close, RMB Song Night is preparing to get the audience dancing and ululating with it’s Ke’December themed show! Treza Cooper will take the stage for the last time as the 2019 Song Night Ambassador and the 2020 Ambassador will be announced!

The event will be hosted by the vibrant Adriano Visagie, who promises to keep the program pumping. Genres like house, hip-hop and soukous-kwasa will be celebrated for the final show of the year!
Lize Ehlers, Founder of RMB Song Night, said, “we are happy to inform you that Emily Dangwa is doing our vocal training, while Martina Pieper will be our stylist for event. The entire RMB Song Night team is eager to end the year in celebration. We are inviting the general public to come take pictures with their favourite local vocalist and share in the movement that is nurturing the Namibian sound.”

Song Night is supported by RMB as the main sponsor, 99FM, HEC, Miss Jey Arts, Fantastic Sam, House Of Poulton, ED Music Academy & Styled by Martina.

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