Sunday 16 May 2021
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Elago is ready to take on the world

Production officer Elago Ndapewa Shitataala is ready to make all the big moves to take her career on a continually upward trajectory, she told The Lounge this week.

The beautifully coiffed and well-spoken young presenter explains how she is juggling school, work and adulting, while at the same time growing her personal brand and vying to win her spot in the spotlight.

“I am a sport news anchor at NBC currently and I am pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication at NUST,” she tells us.

While her responsibilities are directing and video editing for news and current affairs, Elago’s ultimate goal is to be a Master of Ceremonies of note. She aims to be a Namibian flying the flag in other countries and as a hope to other young people who have big dreams, inspiring them with the knowledge that their dreams and aspirations are valid.

As a sports anchor, Elago is learning the bigger scope of the work as it relates to production, although she admits that as something of a perfectionist, it can be frustrating at times, being on the other side of the camera.

“I think it is easy for people who work with me, because they know that I know what it is that I should expect. I can meet their expectations because I know what they want, but it becomes a bit difficult for me when it comes to working with people who do not get things done on time. I get annoyed because I know that if I was doing the job I would be getting it done faster. On the other hand I understand the process, so when I am anchoring and there are delays or technical difficulties, I can understand better and just be patient.”

As a College of the Arts Media and Technology graduate a few years ago, Elago became comfortable with being behind the camera and auditioned for some presenting roles. After being turned away at first, she was called in for an audition which landed her a presenter’s position in a politics watch show, which led to the sports anchoring role she currently holds.

“I recently got to host the blue room at the NAMA awards, I have done some stage work and I have even been on radio before,” Elago says. “With the NAMAs reignited my desire to do live shows and more stage work, interacting with people and speaking with them in a relaxed and not chaotic setting. It lead me to focus more on my brand and on working on myself more, so that I can do more MC’ing. The one thing I don’t really want to do is entertainment MC’ing, I am more focussed on more intimate or corporate engagements,”

On adulting, Elago laments that nobody every warned her what it is all about or how hard or expensive it would be.

“When you are growing up, you think that by 25 I want a house and five cars and all that, but the reality is so much difference. That is also why I cannot fail a module, I am paying for it myself this time and I simply can’t afford making those double payments. As children we don’t realise how hard it is to pay school fees, now that it is coming from my own pocket I have to do well in school; I have no choice.”

At the recently held film awards which she attended, Elago says she gained some very valuable and interesting pointers from watching the MC’s at the show.

“It is good to have the opportunity to watch somebody who is really good at what they do because it makes you accept that your dream is possible.”

While being mindful that it would take a lot of hard work and perseverance, Elago is excited about penetrating the African market in the next few years.

“I know that it is going to take a lot of no’s, but I am ready for it. Further I want to get myself into public relations because I would like to build a career in the media industry because this is what I am passionate about. I think public relations is my next move and it is where I am headed to, as well as getting my presenting career out of the borders of Namibia.”

With her powerful energy and elegant nature, The Lounge was alight with her presence and we think Elago is one to keep an eye out for.

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