Thursday 17 June 2021
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Masisi set for victory

Though only a few seats had been declared by 8 pm on Thursday evening, early signs indicated that President Mokgweetsi Masisi was set for victory.
It was clear that he would be carried to his first full mandate by the southern region which for the first time in decades voted in block for the ruling party.
This area has historically been the preserve of the opposition, but results of local government elections which have been completed left the opposition in shock with many previous legislators thrown into the jobless ranks.
The capital city and immediate areas have now been captured by the ruling party.
By 8 pm the ruling party had already won nine seats while the opposition had three seats.
It is expected the Chief Justice will address the nation in the coming hours to declare the winner once any of the contesting parties had reached 29 seats. There are 57 seats in total that are being contested for.
While the opposition Umbrella for Democratic Change led flamboyant lawyer Duma Boko had campaigned aggressively in this year’s election, it was the entry into opposition politics by former President Ian Khama that added fireworks to the race.
Khama had protested the way Masisi ran government, including denying him of some benefits as freely flying around with state aircraft. Khama formed the Botswana Patriotic Front and rallied his tribal subjects to his course. His younger brother Tshekedi later joined BPF and is expected to win his seat in Serowe West.
In forming the party Khama wanted to boost the opposition’s quest to gain power to work with and ensure his interest are protected.
As things stand only the final tallying of results will determine whether Khama will secure his interests or not. It will also determine how he will relate with Masisi, if he wins.

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