Thursday 17 June 2021
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The long awaited Namibian movie premiered last Thursday at Ster Kinekor, Grove Mall and all we can say is ‘wow’! From the first moment the script was first penned in 2007 by Tim Huebschle, inspired by the real life story of the B1 killer, it was expounded and turned into the magical work The Lounge had the good fortune on the big screens during its premiere.

The whole cast and crew were present at the premiere and if you were wondering if Meisie Willemse cleans up well; she does.

Starring Elize de Wee, Armas Shivute Armas and Pieter Greeff, director and writer of ‘Land of the Brave’ Tim Huebschle remarked that although the original script was in English, some of the dialogue was translated into Afrikaans to give the film a sense of authenticity.

This makes the movie truly Namibian in that our lingo, our vernacular is spoken in a way that is so uniquely Namibian, it cannot be mistaken for anything else. “Afrikaans is my third language. It was difficult at first to portray the scenes properly in English, but when the cast came together and we had our table reads, they were able to successfully translate their lines,” Huebschle said.

If you have missed the online presence of the intense and engaging marketing campaign, the film follows the journey of Meisie Willemse, a tough female cop with a hidden and a very suspect past which haunts her while she is in the throes of the biggest case of her career.

A serial killer is on the loose and as Willemse gets closer to catching the killer, a ruthless reporter exposes the deep, dark secrets from her past which threaten to destroy the investigation and ultimately her life.

With a script that took more than 10 years to see its premiering, it was certainly worth the wait.

“As we all know that our country has an issue with gender-based violence and that was a basis for the protagonist to stand up against a male antagonist,” said Huebschle on why they chose a female protagonist.

According to Producer David Benade, the film hopes to rake in around N$3 million. With the level of interest in (social) media and on the streets of Windhoek, this is sure to be a success story for the Namibian film industry.

“We need to get bums on those cinema seats,” Huebschle said to The Lounge. The film is in the cinemas until October 20th and if you haven’t seen it yet, we suggest you go out and do just that.

Finally,there is a movie out there that we can fully get behind of as it portrays Namibia as we truly are and shows what we are capable of in the film industry.

The B1 Butcher is an unknown serial killer in Namibia. The B1 Butcher murdered at least five women between 2005 and 2007, with all murders related to the National Road B1.

In 2007, a German-born Namibian was accused of rape, was arrested, and later linked to these unsolved murders. However, after a long time in prison, he was acquitted because of lack of evidence. In 2008 a man who committed suicide was implicated as the series of murders ended in 2007, but the connection is still to be conclusively proven.

The case as it is, is still considered an open case by the authorities.

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