Monday 14 June 2021
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Swakop Multi-Purpose complex constructed on top of main sewer line

By Marshallino Beukes

An investigation by The Patriot has revealed that the state of the art Multi-Purpose Centre at Swakopmund’s Mondesa residential suburb was constructed on top of a main sewer line.
This was confirmed by Mr Clarence McClune, General Manager: Engineering | Engineering Services, at the town’s Municipality.
Sewage woes in the specific suburb area are historical, with residents having to live with blocked drains and the unbearable stench of sewage water running down the streets for many years.
The fact that the Multi-Purpose Centre was erected on top of the main sewage line, resulted in the Swakopmund Municipality having to fork out more than one million Namibian dollars (N$1 056 531.92 – VAT included) to install a new line.
The tender was awarded to Messrs Refuse Solutions and kicked off during June 2019 and was anticipated to be completed by the end of September 2019.
However, it seems this time-frame was not respected as the area where the new line is to be installed still looks like a war zone, with heavy machinery working round the clock and also the unbearable stench of running and open sewage water filling the air.
This situation is not only unhygienic but also make way for a huge health risk to residents, especially small children who can sometimes be observed playing in this sewage water.
Furthermore, residents have to put up with the closure of the road in front of their homes and have to make a wide turn to reach their homes by car for all these months. To make matters worse a generator, assisting with the pumping of the sewage water is running 24/7 and residents are forced to live with the sound of the machine in their ears, day and night.
According to municipality spokesperson Alli Gebhardt the main sewer line that routes under the Multi-purpose complex has blocked and the current activity is to install a new line around the Multi-Purpose complex.
“The reason for the upgrade (work) is to reroute the main sewer line out from under the Multi-Purpose Complex for ease of maintenance and safety,” was her explanation on a question raised by this publication.
She also noted that this will definitely contribute to a solution for the sewage problems Mondesa is facing all these years.
The Multi-Purpose Centre was originally financed by the Swakopmund municipality, coughing up more than N$25 million and a question to Gebhardt, regarding the fact that town planners should have been aware of the location of the sewer line, before giving the go-ahead for the construction of the building on that specific area, went unanswered.

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