Wednesday 21 April 2021
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MTC Knockout Project

….Boxers at the ready


Personalities have received professional boxing training for the last three months from boxing trainers of the MTC Nestor Sunshine Promotions and MTC Salute Boxing Academy.
During these three months, they have been prepared mentally and physically, to understand the discipline and level of professionalism that goes into the sport of boxing.
Local Namibian personalities will go up against each other in the boxing ring, duking it out with the intention of raising aid and pledging their support to the ongoing fight against the scourge of gender based violence in Namibia.
“We would like to thank all these personalities for agreeing to be part of this project, for agreeing to be part of social change, and for agreeing to finally knock out gender-based violence (GBV).
There has been so much talk about GBV, so instead of talking sense into the perpetrators, how about we try and just knock it out? And this is what this project is all about,” Tim Ekandjo, MTC’s spokesperson has said.
Some of the names that will showcase their ‘sting like a bee’ skills Affirmative Repositioning movement’s co-founder Job Amupanda, who will go up against businessman Johnny Johnson Doëseb.
Gospel artist D-Naff has a cruiserweight title fight against television producer Luis Munana.
Others on the bill are Sunny Boy, KP Illest and Paul Da Prince, with Nampa sports reporter Marco Ndlovu and Jossy Joss of Eagle FM also making appearances.
“This is not just a boxing fight, but a fight against social change. A fight against the many social ills that take our society and nation backwards. We know that these ills are many, and we will therefore target them one by one with each event,” said Ekandjo.
“In an often divided world, sport is a unique and important connective tissue that can bind people together to take collective action against social ills such as gender-based violence,” National Council chairperson Margareth Mensah-Williams has said.
She endorsed the event in that it supports the welfare and empowerment of women in Namibia.
“This is why I think it is clever of MTC to have chosen a sport, like boxing, with celebrities in the ring, and use it to raise money for charity towards uniting and healing our nation from the scourge of gender-based violence,” she said.
On Wednesday afternoon the boxers had a weigh-in at Post Street Mall in Windhoek, where fans gathered to hear the sportsman-like banter.
“It will take each and every one of us to knockout GBV out of the Namibia.
So come through to watch me knockout Jossy Joss and of course GBV,” said Theo Ishuna during the weigh in.

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