Thursday 17 June 2021
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Swapo pulls political tourism card

We’re nearing our national elections, although the atmosphere is lethargic compare to all the previous years. However, the snippets of appearances by political leaders have been filled with contemptible moments.
Having finished all the disreputable cards and exhausted lying manifestos, SWAPO pulled a political tourism card. Wealthy Black people hired White bikers, of whom many have never been part of a political rally, to parade them through the tared roads of Windhoek’s shacks. Hilma Nicanor came to the defense of this wastefulness, with an arrogance that fails to reason.
What are the ethical implications? Something Nicanor and many of her fellow wealthy SWAPO leadership members do not think about. First, let’s look at the location, Ombili.
This is right in the heart of Windhoek’s poverty district. This alone should raise an alarm of concern.
But given that many people in SWAPO have seared their consciences to the realities of poverty, hunger and unemployment, Nicanor’s defense doesn’t come as a surprise. In fact, her sentiments reprent the views of many who have fallen in the category of economic elites through politics.
To parade ‘party colours’ in such an expensive manner in a place void of toilets, decent housings, electricity and general sanitation, must take extra effort of moral depravity to justify.
Secondly, the economic implication. In the midst of dwindling national resources (mostly because of the government’s wastefulness and cluelessness of economic sytems), instead of investing its people, SWAPO is still concerned with hosting empty shows.
Had they used that money to parade Ombili and distribute food hampers, that would’ve still been a morally justifiable action, even though we know that it’s a campaingning strategy.
Spending so much money just for a show, in the midst of an economic crunch, raises questions regarding SWAPO’s economic policies. The parade in this regard, was aimed at insulting the poor.
Thirdly, the inhumanity of the parade.
Wealthy Black people from upper class neighborhoods got themselves in their expensive cars with hired bikers and became local tourists. This was a sightseeing of poverty.
Those that have gained access to power and wealth through the votes of these poor people, shook hands with the poor supporters. Which I suspect, they had some hand sanitisers to apply after every handshake. Such is the outcome of flattery just to gain votes.
While SWAPO has run out of ideas, the Harambee Prosperity Plan having turned out a total flop, Dr. Geingob is still SWAPO’s only candidate.
He’s presented no campaigning slogan or promise.
If he came up with one in this month, it’ll be something recycled. Nevertheless, he’ll have people who’ll dance to its tune, for the sake of their stomachs, not because they believe that it’s in the interest of the nation.
On the other hand, opposition parties are scrambling for ideas, and listing inexperienced youth for parliament.
As far as elections are concerned, the opposition parties have not presented the public with anything worth challenging the political status quo.
The parade was but a thoughtless political stunt, an opportunity some used to make money for themselves at the expense of the poor.
However, the deeper issue is leadership failure. The present politicians have failed in their mandate to govern and lead this country.
We’ve come to a defining moment that indicates that both opposition and ruling parties neither understand nor can manage the affairs of this country. At least not with their present leadership.
The present political elite have their own interests at heart, playing politics is more important than doing what is best for the nation. And when people like Nicanor show the arrogance without any second thought, we need to mourn the death of our civilisation.
Nobody so far is thinking of putting up a campaign addressing moral issues.
Corruption and theft is rife and gaining confidence. Even with some SWAPO members found guilty of corruption headed to parliament in the next administration.
With such endorsement of thieving and corrupt candidates, do we expect they’d organise rallies that are meant to address the socio-economic conditions of the public? No.
This is why SWAPO would without second thought put out a multi-million dollar construction tender, while majority of its supporters are unemployed, homeless, drought stricken etc.
These are all evidence of a political leadership that takes its voters for granted. It’s accustomed to doing as it wish, without consequences. A leadership that has trumped over every ideal of the party and has established a hegemony of corrupt cronies, ready to sink an entire nation with them.
This is worrisome. What appeared to be just a parade was but a manifestation of deep seated disregard and abuse of the poor.
Something that will continue, until there be a new consciousness that will cause the poor to imancipate themselves from this abuse.
A new consciousness that will confront the self-entitled elite that they’re not the owners of the political parties and their resources.
A consciousness that will confront those in political power to account for their actions and to deliver.
Unless the masses realise that they are the true sources of power, politicians will continue this path of abuse with impunity.

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