Wednesday 14 April 2021
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NC puts its foot down

In a notable turn of events, the FIFA appointed Normalisation Committee stepped out of a meeting at Soccer House with a strong resolve on Wednesday.
The NC said in a strongly worded letter that they Namibia Premier League, in view of its persistent and continued disregard and violation of directives, issued by the Namibia Football Association, has been suspended.
“The suspension is effective immediately, from 2nd October 2019 and is enforced under the NFA Statutes cited in Article 14. 1 which reads ‘The Executive Committee may, however, suspend a member or a member of a member that seriously violated its obligations as a member with immediate effect.
The suspension shall last until the next Congress, unless the Executive Committee has lifted it in the meantime’,” the letter reads.
According to Rule 3 of the Namibia Football Association under 3.1.1 ‘the Premier League will consist of sixteen (16) or any other number of clubs as decided by the NFA Executive.’
“The directive was highlighted in a letter dated 27 June 2019 in referring to Article 9 (Principle of promotion and relegation) of the regulation governing the application of the FIFA statutes which highlights the need for “sporting merit” when determining a club’s participation in a league as far as it relates to the promotion and relegation of clubs. This must be the guiding principle,” it further states. FIFA in an August 21st letter, penned by the Deputy Secretary General of Administration warned that ignoring decisions from the NFA would ‘leave the NPL vulnerable to potential sanctions as foreseen in Article 13 par. 2 of the NFA Statutes’.
The articles refer to the full compliance of members with the statutes, regulations, directives and decisions of FIFA, CAF, COSAFA and the NFA always, ensuring that the directives are respected by their members.

MTC worried
MTC, as the biggest sponsor of the earlier this week wrote to the league’s leadership and to the FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee (NC), seeking clarity on the way forward for Namibian football. In the letter MTC expressed its concern with the continued friction between the NPL and NC. They stated that they the ‘skirmish’ could cause reputational damage to their image and reputation as the main sponsor of the NPL. “MTC would like to thank the FIFA Normalisation Committee for the work done to restore the dignity of Namibian football so far. As you may be aware, MTC has been the main sponsor of the NPL for the past 14 years and we are gravely concerned about the current status of the league, which should have commenced in September 2019.
We are also concerned about the ongoing public disagreements between the Normalisation Committee and the NPL leadership and the negative effects it has on innocent players, who just wish to play football and provide for their families,” MTC’s letter reads in part. “The NPL is duly notified that as a consequence of this suspension, your membership rights are lost as stipulated by Article 14.3 and that as a consequence you are to have no sporting contact with our any of our members,” the NC letter concludes.

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