Sunday 16 May 2021
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Kavekotora frantically holds together warring party

By Staff Reporter

Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) president Mike Kavekotora is caught between holding on to his position which is increasing coming under threat as well as steering a united party weeks before the elections roar to life on the 27th of November.
This week, a document has surfaces, highlighting investigations carried out into the party’s 3rd National Convention and claiming that his rise to the helm was married by inconsistencies.
The Convention was held on the 1st and 2nd of June 2019.
Kavekotora is battling more than 27 party insiders, led by Tjinezuma Kavari, who do not want him on the position of power and are calling for a new congress to be held.
But the party is running out of time as it is yet to have its own electoral-college and party manifesto.
All this as other political parties like PDM have already launched manifestos and held an electoral college while Swapo is set to launch its own manifesto in a few days’ time.
The document of the findings into the party’s convention has been leaked to the media and shows that instead of getting the required 50 plus 1 votes, Kavekotora only got 243 votes of the total 490 votes which equated to 49.5%, the lawyers have claimed.
According to the findings, RDP vice president Kennedy Shekupakela received 231 votes out of 489 votes cast which equated to 47.2%.
As both failed to reach the required votes, the lawyers have advised that the Chairperson of the National Convention should have called for a re-run.
As such, the lawyers’ findings are that the convention failed to elect a President, putting Kavekotora’s position within his party at risk just a few months ahead of the elections.
Further findings are that, contrary to the party’s constitution, the election was not by secret ballot, which means they are null and void.
Meanwhile, the findings were made after 30 disgruntled members of the Rally for Democracy and Progress approached the lawyers to investigate the outcome of the party’s electoral-college that saw the rise of Mike Kavekotora as the party’s president.
Tjinezuma Kavari, whom he said were defeated members who were spreading lies and deceit.
Kavari has accused Kavekotora of imposing himself on the party saying he was not properly elected.
But Kavekotora has challenged him on why he was raising such concerns now, months after the convention was held.
“It needs to be stated for record purpose that when the results were announced at the 3rd National Convention on Sunday, 2nd June 2019, neither of the two defeated contenders for the RDP presidency did challenge the outcome,” he said.
However, crakes within the party widen as the RDP is now left with only two months to be part of the presidential and National Assembly elections.
Said Kavekotora, “Given the timing of these concerns, two thoughts are relevant. First, this shows a clear case of soar grapes and bad loser syndrome that these issues are raised post-convention. The second thought which comes to mind is whether these comrades have the best interest of the party at heart”.
The party’s Secretary General, Brunhilde Cornelius, who has not been spared on allegations of having been defeated and imposing herself, has rubbished those challenging them.
She too castigated Kavari as a defeated candidate who was crying foul.
But Kavari said the organization and management of the 3rd National Convention was substandard, characterized by confusion and chaos right from the beginning to the very end.
“The Convention was scheduled to start 09H00 but it only commenced at 15H00 because the venue of the meeting was not yet ready. Surprisingly the venue was only booked for one (1) day. Moreover, there was a church service booked for the same venue.
The registration of Convention delegates was not adequately processed. Surprisingly too, the Acting President of the RDP who is also the Chairman of the 3rd National Convention, Comrade Steve Bezuidenhout unceremoniously abandoned the Convention venue just as the report of the Central Committee was about to be tabled,” he said in a statement.
He said in the absence of the Chairman the Convention had no choice but to mandate Reinhold (KB) Shiningombwa to chair the proceedings.
He watered down the whole elective congress as marked by confusion, chaos, emotions and disorder.
He added that hungry and exhausted delegates disapproved the whole management of the event in general and the handling of the Central Committee report in particular.
Kavekotora has shrugged at these claims asking why such clamors were being raised after congress when the party was about to enter the upcoming elections

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