Friday 30 October 2020
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Capricorn Group supports the development of tomorrow’s leaders

A group of 20 newly appointed Learner Representative Council (LRC) members from 10 different government schools in the Khomas region, had an opportunity to build to their leadership and communication skills over the weekend of 27 to 29 September 2019, at no cost to them or their schools. The two-day Leadership development programme, a Capacity Trust initiative, was made possible through a sponsorship by Capricorn Group, who is committed to invest in the lives of Namibian learners and positively impact their futures.
The Leadership Retreat included psychometric tests, the first opportunity for most of the students to conduct a test of this nature, and further develop their conflict management, communication, change management and leadership skills.
These LRCs for the year 2020 were representative of Acacia High School, A. Shipena Secondary School, Concordia High School, Dawid Bezuidenhout High School, Delta High School, Ella Du Plessis High School, Windhoek High School, Hage G Geingob High School, Hochland High School and Windhoek Technical High School.
The programme enabled students to understand different personality types and matching strengths and weaknesses, and how these specific types handle stress.
Learners became aware not only of their own personalities, which forms their preferred tendencies, but were also exposed to other personality types and how to engage and interact with them.
The programme also allowed for learners to understand communication methods such as the OBIO (openness, behaviour, impact and outcome) technique and the effect that emotional debt has in a communication situation.
Within these lessons were application sessions which assured that both the abstract and practical relevance were understood.
Detailed reports of their personality types will be sent out to each of the participating learners in the next week so that they can grasp the depth of their respective personalities.
Capricorn Group employees further served as guest speakers at the Leadership Retreat to share with them the importance of saving, investing and career choices.
“Capricorn Group is proud to sponsor this invaluable programme facilitated by Capacity Trust, as it invests in the lives of our future leaders”, said Marlize Horn, Capricorn Group Executive: Brand & Corporate Affairs.
Capricorn Group believes that the knowledge that these twenty young leaders gained over the past weekend, would serve them well beyond the completion of their school period and will equip them to become the future leaders in the community as well as public and private sector.

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