Wednesday 14 April 2021
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“Not for mahala “- says Mensah-Williams

By Megameno Shikwambi

The Khomasdal constituency outgoing councilor, who also happens to be the chairperson of the National Assembly, Margareth Mensah-Williams has issued a clear message to her would-be successor saying that her constituency was not for mahala.
“I will now leave this position and hand over to my successor with pride and satisfaction. However, watch out! You are not going to bring down this constituency. Khomasdal is number one. It should stay number one.
As I prepare to vacate my office in a few months’ time, I would like to call upon residents of this wonderful constituency to stand together and unite in pursuit of our common goal.
That is to fight poverty and bring about shared prosperity for all.
I am the first one to admit that we still have challenges we can also and only overcome them if we work together.
If we bring our diverse skills and experience to the fore and offer them for the common good of us all.
I know I am not the best but I can be better than what I was yesterday. I am in competition with nobody.
Only with myself and therefore, when I leave from here, I am not gone forever, I am just around the corner.
I will come and check up on you.  Rest assured whoever wants to take over this constituency, this constituency is not for mahala.
We work as a team. We bond. We come together. We are a family.
I am proud to leave a legacy and have a track record of building and uniting one Namibia one nation. Thank you very much. God bless you,” she said to applause.
She did not go without taking some shots at the Affirmative Repositioning which, last week, accused her of doing nothing for a family that had been evicted from its house by an employer.
“Do not let those who are on the periphery, who are only out to destroy the good that we have achieved since independence to convert you in other ways, to make you see a different light of what the light that shines above is.
Those detractors are just morally dishonest individuals who come to you dressed in sheep’s skins, whilst we all know that their only agenda is to try and derail us from the gains we have made since independence.
Please be careful, do not be led by these false promises.
You must know also that we as community remain steadfast and retain your faith in the tried and tested government that is not short sighted but always with the help of God,” she said.
Age is but a number
Mensah Williams failed to make it to the prime list of the team that will be running with President Hage Geingob in the National Assembly of 2020 at the recently held Swapo electorate college.
But she has said that she was well below that age of 65 to be described as too old for parliament.
She had to be fished out by the President as part of the presidential nominees that Geingob is allowed by the constitution to select out of his will.
Mensah-Williams and Peter Katjavivi,  who will be in his early 80s by the time Geingob finishes his second tenure together with Jerry Ekandjo,  were among those that were picked, ahead of youthful individuals in the ruling party.
Mensah-Williams, whose mobile phone had been unreachable ever since the day she got nominated by the President, said  contrary to what her critics have been saying, she was well below 65, and young enough to be at the National Assembly by March of 2020.
Mensah-Williams and Katjavivi were listed on position 92 and Mensah-Williams at 89 following the party’s Electoral College.
The two are now 23rd and 24th, on the party’s list for the next parliament, respectively.
Ekandjo, who contested against Geingob for the position of party president at the 2017 came out at positon 102 position at the pot.
The 72-year-old Ekandjo is now number 32 on the party’s National Assembly list.
Analysts have said that this was a vote of no confidence in their leadership by the Swapo’s rank and file.
Mensah-Williams will thus be resigning her post as councilor in the Khomasdal constituency where she had been serving.

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