Thursday 15 April 2021
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Mugabeism: A Continent Set for Destruction

Robert Mugabe is dead and gone. However, the effects of his legacy will remain with the public of Zimbabwe for generations to come.
Many, particularly African heads of states have hailed Mugabe as a hero. Albeit, a heroism that extends nowhere beyond the liberation history and expropriation of land from White Zimbabweans.
With the former, Mugabe came to believe that he was the only person fit to govern the country, with the latter, he sought to establish a false narrative of liberation accomplishment. With both perspectives he created a new culture of oppression and destruction; occasionally throwing in few coins from the state coffers to pay for the education of some citizens. For example, the presidential scholarship, which was later hijacked by his cronies to benefit their relatives who were already beneficiaries from other state lootings.
We all know that Zimbabwe hasn’t had a time of glory. Contrary to the glory pro-Mugabe nationalist propaganda. In fact, the first ten years of Zimbabwe’s independence were dwindling British effects – which Mugabe’s supporters want to crown as his achievements.
The socialist vision of the Marxist ZANU-PF, right from independence was aimed at oppressing freedoms, to create a Zimbabwe made in the image of Mugabe and his cronies. An image so evidently seen today. This is what some hail as heroism. A sad celebration of destruction.
For decades, African states have silently stood by and watched Mugabe’s repression and corruption ravage the people of Zimbabwe.
All convinced by a false narrative of liberating the country from historical oppression.
Beneath that post-independence liberation struggle was the mission to crush any opposing view.
Creation of a corrupt totalitarian state – renamed democracy. I should say that surely, Mugabe might have had some good. However, that good hasn’t rubbed off to create better living standards for the average Zimbabweans.
Sadly, we find ourselves in a collective state of Mugabeism. The adoption of a liberation rhetoric while failing to take accountability for the failures.
The entire African continent is set for this destruction. It’s a destructive course in which politicians are set to proudly misgovern their own countries while blaming it on external forces of imperialism or histories of colonialism. These are hailed as heroes. Albeit heroes of failed states.
Today, the Mugabe apologists would want us to point to a morally degenerate regime as an example of freedom.
That we should believe that Mugabe was initially a good leader. Lies! Blatant political propaganda.
Public education and health care which are often referred to as his achievements, died ages ago. Moreover, while Zimbabwe boasts a high rate of literacy, it doesn’t imply a skilled and empowered society. Ten years into independence, Zimbabweans started fleeing the country – for various reasons. The country became such that only those who sang either Mugabe’s praises or waved the ZANU-PF flag, survived (although with bare backs).
The effects of such irresponsible and selfish governance have literally been termed as African. Worse of all it is crowned as heroism. Mugabe’s memorial service swarmed with praises.
This was love and comradeship without truth. Their speeches like their presence were but endorsements of corruption and failure. One hopes that their attendances were to serve as mirrors for self-reflection.
While Mugabe will surely have a place in the history of African politics, his narrative of lies, power-hunger, manipulation, selfishness etc. will continue to haunt Zimbabwe for generations. And there is no amount of hero praise that’s going to change the fact that Mugabe has desecrated Zimbabwe.
In so doing, he was but an extension of the British damages.
What many African politicians have come to term as revolution – are but extensions of oppression, corruption, mismanagement, and oligarchy of colonial systems. Africa is yet to see the leadership spirit exercised by Thomas Sankara. He was the embodiment of the meaning of African revolution, with a different ideology for power. Mugabeism is a power play, it’s politics of talking about poverty while doing nothing about it. It’s politics of blaming historical oppressions while systematically creating new ones.
We’re a continent in crisis. Sadly, we’re to blame for it. We’re a continent set for destruction and we seem quite happy to praise our destroyers as heroes. Mugabe and many of his cronies of presidents across Africa have driven their countries into the ground.
The economies are dying, systems are failing, corruption is on the rise, poverty on the increase, crowned by increased violations of human rights. This is Mugabeism. A destructive self-deception that glories in chaos. Africa’s chief enemy isn’t its history or any external forces.
Its failed leadership that can’t think beyond money, power and glory is at the root of its failure.
To think of Mugabe in any heroic terms or even as example of leadership, is to reinforce this oppressiveness and blindness to truth.
This would be my obituary for Mugabe, instead of celebrating him, it should drive us with anger, his life is an error that took 95 years to delete.

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