Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Blossom into the full you

By Staff Reporter

Ladies flocked to the Swakopmund Seaside hotel and spa last weekend for a ‘Ladies Spring Extravaganza’ organised by Ipupa Kasheeta, founder of IpupaK under the theme ‘Blossom into the full you’.
The ladies that were speakers on the day are the cream of the crop and ladies who are making a difference in their individual spheres of influence in Namibia.
Dalene Stephanus spoke on ‘losing debt weight’, Kauna Ndilula spoke on ‘success, money and assertiveness’ with Estelle Tjipuka spoke on ‘breaking barriers’, while Vernice Plaatjie entertained guests with her magical voice.
In a powerful welcoming speech, Kasheeta reminded the ladies present that they continue to grow as long as they are persistent in pursuit of their destiny.
“Ladies, the fact that you are here today, its destiny setting you up for the future!
We all know that leadership is not about a position. Leadership is a way of being in a world, in a way that is authentic to who you are. So be present, be in the moment showing up for your own best self as we strive to blossom into our own self,” she said in her speech.
Amid uproarious applause, Kasheeta concluded “ladies, as we strive to develop good, attractive, and successful qualities, let’s develop the mentality of becoming sponsors for other women; advocating and speaking for them in their absence. Send that elevator down to the basement and let others also come up to enjoy the privilege or view on the top floor. Let’s not be blinded by the privileges afforded to us, because they say privilege is invisible to those who have it.  Have mentors to shed light on what’s already inside you, read good books and finally check your circle of association- the environment and people you spent most of your time with determine what you see, what you hear and who sees you, which will build or corrupt your internal makeup.
During her talk on breaking barriers, Tjipuka encouraged guests present, telling them they did not have to stay in any bad situation that they find themselves in. She noted that “sometimes we allow our circumstances, our environments and how we were raised, to set limits on our lives. We get so stuck in our traditions, our cultures, our ways of doing things that at times we cannot break out of it.”
She went on to tell guests that with hard work, determination, character and perseverance, one can break any barrier in life.
“Know who you are and what you stand for.
Be authentic and know your boundaries. Speak up, step up and be resilient; never be afraid to ask questions and never be afraid to move out of your comfort zone,” Tjipuka said.
IpupaK is a pioneer of several empowering campaigns, which seeks to create a better society and a better Namibian nation. The ethos of IpupaK GrowYou is centred around three pillars:

•    Corporate leadership – How fertile is your soil?
This pillar aims to provide a platform for corporates to re-energise and grow their talent pool to ensure that a vibrant leadership pipeline exists within the organisation.
Corporates are challenged to reflect on the quality of talent it produces which is central to the belief that the seed of a crop, is realised or choked depending on the soil it falls on.

•EmpowerHer Business Club
The club is geared to encourage personal and career growth of women in the world of work and society at large through structured networking, mentoring, exchange of ideas and leadership skills. The club further strives to uplift the girl- & boy child and vulnerable women.

•Young adult empowerment Forum
This is a nurturing platform for young adults to build and discover their inner-selves, self-esteem and hone their social competence.
It includes structured group sessions to equip participants with skills needed to pursue their purpose with passion.
Further it equips participants to develop perseverance, overcome obstacles, and increase inner ability to reach personal and professional potential through the support of motivated and accountable partnerships.

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