Friday 18 June 2021
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Sem stays in the game

By Staff Reporter

Despite having been faced by an array of governance malpractice reports in the recent past, it would seem as if Toska Sem just cannot lose. The Patriot is reliably informed that NAC’s Strategic Executive Sem has recently been appointed to the NHE Board of Directors, replacing Petrina Nakale.

The back story
Norman Tjombe on 19 March this year made the following recommendations, when he found Sem guilty of the charges of Dishonest conduct, Divulging/leaking confidential information concerning NAC, Failure to discharge you functions fairly and impartially (sic), and Failure to keep information confidential in his capacity as Chairperson of an enquiry conducted against Sem at the time.
“I accordingly have no hesitation to recommend the immediate dismissal of Ms Toska Sem from the employment of the Namibia Airports Company.
I note that the internal disciplinary code of the Namibia Airports Company authorizes the dismissal of an employee found guilty of a serious transgression.
As I stated above, the misconduct as set out in my findings, are serious and are tantamount to criminal conduct.
I would fail in my duty if I do not further recommend that the Namibia Airports Company must immediately refer the conduct of Ms Toska Sem and any other persons involved in the matter, to the Anti-Corruption Commission for further investigation as required by section 48 of the Anti-Corruption Act, Act 8 of 2003, as the conduct complained of may in fact be a violation of section 37(a) of the Anti-Corruption Act and or other provisions,” his recommendations read in part.

Further, The Patriot in September 2018 reported how a scathing Deloitte report into insider trading and fraudulent activities had revealed the extent to which the Namibia Airports Company’s(NAC) senior officials had ignored procurement laws to help private companies loot the cash strapped firm.
The report had exposed the close relationship between Sem and Corlen Masunda, the owner of Innovate Management Advisory and Excel Business Consultancy begging the question of whether their ties were bonded “with the aim of establishing whether or not they had attempted to or committed procurement related irregularities in relation to NAC”.
The report, which incriminated NAC Strategic Executive: Business Strategy Toska Sem, contained -then – new information on how she allegedly shared company information with the private firm to ensure that the firm landed a N$2 million NAC tender.
Sem was appointed by Urban and Rural Development minister to the NHE Board with effect from September 2019.

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