Monday 12 April 2021
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PDM rocked by another resignation

… as RDP President comes under fire from Young Turks


By Staff Reporter

Barely a few weeks after the official opposition party, PDM suspended its local authority councillor Othniel Tjikuua which was followed by the resignation of self-styled revolutionary and unionist Olsen Kahiriri, another veteran staff member has called it quits.
This week, founding member of the original DTA, former parliamentarian and veteran politician, Duludi Uahindua Ndjiharine has said that he is now looking for another political party to join.
He slammed PDM president, McHenry Venaani for not running the party along democratic principles saying this was the reason he was packing his bags.
The politician described Venaani as a democrat on paper, who did not practice what he preached. Ndjiharine said Venaani has changed the party’s constitution four times in less than 5 years in order to entrench his power.
He further said that Venaani did not consult with the party’s leadership structures on matters affecting the party and did things his own way. The politician served the party during the time Venaani’s father was in the elder’s council but he has this week said that he put himself in that league without being voted for.
“The answer is clear, a politician is not a worker. He is not a domestic worker. A politician is a man with an aim and destiny. I am a founder of the DTA since December 5, 1977 up to 2017 when we changed the name of (to) PDM.
Unfortunately the leader of PDM does not change or share ideas.  If he says left then it’s left, if he says right then its right,” he said. Ndjiharine said the party had changed for the worst since the time he helped found it.
He also expressed that the party was unlikely to scoop victory in the upcoming elections in his absence.
“In 1989, the DTA got 21 seats in parliament and from 15 to seven and to two and again to five.
The opposition parties here, for example RDP, in the last elections got eight seats but now it’s three seats.  It means the politics change day and night. We are in a democratic country,” he said. He said he was no longer on good terms with the PDM president. “If the relationship was good then I would not have resigned.  Now it’s clear that there is no relationship.
McHenry turned the party right and left like dishes in a kitchen. We always quarrel with the ruling party saying it is not a democratic party while we the opposition party we want to talk, but we do not do what we say.
“He is a democrat verbally but in doing things he is not democratic.
Even in meetings, several committee meetings, he overtakes the chair to become the chairperson. That is not democratic. That is like Idi Amin or Stalin in Russia,” he said. A source from within the party has disclosed that the veteran politician had long retired from the party, that he was against the leadership of Venaani because he regarded him as too young and was against the rebranding of the DTA into PDM. However, barely a month ago, the official opposition also suspended its local authority councilor, Tjikuua.
As per the statement last month, the PDM management committee met on 11 July and took a unanimous decision to suspend Tjikuua’s membership to the party and as Local Authority Councillor on the Grootfontein Local Authority Council.
“Mr Tjikuua is hereby forbidden to participate in any PDM activities, including his work as the PDM representative in the Grootfontein Local Authority Council and its activities, the statement reads.
Tjikuua’s suspension was on the grounds of gross insubordinations and violation of PDM Code of Conduct Schedule A (B). The very same month, Kahiriri also pulled away from the party citing that Venaani was a dictator, although it later came out from the party that his resignation came after he had wrecked a party car.
Venaani went on record to state that Kahiriri had eyed for a higher position but failed while defending his image against accusations of harboring dictatorial tendencies.

Opposition parties over-heating from within?
The resignation of the PDM staff member also comes right at a time when the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) is also having a tough time with its youth who have disregarded their President Mike Kavekotora.
PDM and RDP have these past days hogged limelight for managing to forge alliances with small parties, the Christian Democratic Voice (CDV) from Usakos which boasts a voters roll of 8 000 members and the United People’s Movement (UPM) led by parliamentarian Jan Van Wyk and Celeste Becker. But just days after nailing a coalition with CDV, the RDP youth came out guns blazing against Kavekotora claiming he did not follow procedure.
Kavekotora has in the meantime told the media that this was a “non-issue”.
But the RDP leader has been wrapped over the knuckles for disregarding the party’s constitution and entering into a coalition without the authorization of the party’s power structures.
Meanwhile, election are slated for November and the campaign trail is cold, across board.
Political parties have yet to issue their manifestos, while the PDM is set for an electoral-college end of this month. Swapo has already held its own ‘Pot’ and is set to issue its manifesto at an undisclosed date.

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