Sunday 16 May 2021
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Political party says it ditched LPM and PDM for RDP

By Megameno Shikwambi

President for little known Christian Democratic Voice (CDV) has disclosed to The Patriot that it resisted advances from the official opposition party, PDM and the Landless People’s Movement for a coalition and settled to merge with the Rally for Democracy and Progress for the upcoming elections.
Both CDV and RDP announced their coalition yesterday at RDP offices in the capital where both would campaign and run for the RDP candidate as Presidential candidate.
The coalition has been built around RDP with the recently elected Mike Kavekotora leading it into the election slated for November the 27th.
“Three political parties approached my office after which we had deliberations and (we concluded) that we will work with one of these parties and that is RDP, which came up with the best proposal when compared to the rest.
The Christian Democratic Voice Party’s executive committee agreed collectively to work together with the RDP for the upcoming national and presidential elections. I have been delegated by the party leadership to inform our members, supporters, sympathizers and the general public to vote for the RDP presidential candidate and that is Honorable Mike Kavekotora,” said CDV President Gotthad Kandume.
Pressed on what these political parties that had approached the party, Kandume pointed at PDM and LPM.
“We registered our party in 2014 with the Electoral commission of Namibia and we are based in Usakos and we are strongly defending Christianity.The two political parties who engaged us were the PDM and LPM. Even though we had discussions on forming a coalition, we were not happy with their proposals,” he said.
Kandume said his party boasted close to 8 000 supporters and with a strong hold in Usakos.
The coalition signing ceremony also presented an opportunity for RDP leader, Kavekotora, to boast that his party was far from finished, contrary to public speculation.
The party is a breakaway, splinter outfit from the Swapo ruling party.
It was formed after the late Hidipo Hamutenya contested the candidature of former President Hifikepunye Pohamba although he himself later returned to the Swapo fold.
He would later die a Swapo card carrying member.
This has been understood as to have dealt a blow to the party, a factor which Kavekotora himself admitted during an exclusive interview with this reporter.
“Yes we went through a very turbulent time of leadership challenges and people on the grassroots have gone back, but they are just laid back, waiting for us to get our house in order at the top to continue where they left off. There was a high degree of disappointment when we lost the elections, when we moved from eight to three seats, when the late Hidipo Hamutenya went back to Swapo; all these things were just disappointments. But we’ve set up branches,” he said three months ago.
Kavekotora has this time around signaled that his party was just doing fine.
“RDP is here to stay,” he told journalists this week, “Our mission, our vision is still not completed and Namibian people are still suffering from malnutrition, poverty is at a very high rate, unemployment is at very accelerating rate of more than 50% currently. Officially they will tell you it’s about 43%.”
The latest development is indicative of backroom maneuverings within the political space as parties continue on the search for potential alliances in a bid to secure seats in parliament.
Despite taking over leadership of the coalition, Kavekotora was pressed by reporters on whether he would give up power in the event of grand coalition of parties.
“I did not get into politics to enrich myself. If I wanted to enrich myself, I would have remained in the business world. I got into politics to save the Namibian people and if my stepping aside is the key to saving the Namibian people, I will not hesitate to say let’s give the other person who is more uniquely qualified to be the president and I will step aside.
Number two, I believe in the abundancy theory. I do not want to be the president of a hundred thousand people. If I can become a secretary general or even an ordinary member of one million people. I can become the president of a hundred thousand people,” he said.
The coalition announcement comes right in the heels of PDM having signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Unite People’s Movement last week, which McHenry Venaani described as the most comprehensive of all alliances.
These loose coalitions are evident of an opposition that is not keen to forge a grand alliance of all political parties, which political analyst Hoze Riruako said recently was being hindered by power struggle issues.

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