Thursday 15 April 2021
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King Kidd steps in the lounge

“I want my name to be like Vaseline, like in everybody’s home and on everybody’s lips,” says the multi-talented King Kidd.

When King Kidd walks into the room, the energy changes immediately and one realises it’s because of the passion, talent and drive that he has.

Born Peter Mugoli, King Kidd tells of how he was intrigued by what looked like ‘fun’ to him watching music videos as a young boy. He had the opportunity to step into a studio at a young age and it almost feels like he hasn’t stepped out of it, ever since.

“I feel like my peers are very into hip hop, although it is not the most popular genre at the moment in Namibia. I have goals and it kinda feels nice that I am no longer at point A, but have moved to a different level. There is still a long way to go though, to reach my ultimate goals.”

King Kidd tell us that he writes, mixes, produces his own music and his beats are mostly made by DJ Flo, whose work he describes as “crazy”.

What does he write about? “I write about what I have gone through in relationships and in life and I write about my experiences and what hopes, dreams and aspirations I have,” he says.

“I would hear a track or a sound, and if it sounds good to me, like it makes me feel good, I will want to create that same feeling in other people. I will try to get a beat that is a similar sound. Then I record myself, mix it, engineer it myself and then send it out.”

When asked what else he does other than the music, King Kidd mentions dabbling in goofiness and basketball and almost forgets to tell us that he is a student, “I am studying in the field of Media Studies. I feel like the degree won’t change much for me, but I think that later in the future I would own my own media house.”

King Kidd is signed with Royal Vantage (RVG), a talent management group which is taking his musical career to new heights. He tells that he also has a talent for procrastinating, and he finds that with the grouping guiding and moulding his public profile and image, he is witnessing his sounds reaching more people and making more of an impact.

“RVG is something that I am still not quite over yet because the excitement is still very high. RVG know how the industry works and that is something that I don’t really understand, but I feel like they are doing an incredible job.”

His latest release dropped in May and is called Julius Caeser which is a mix tape worth getting on Spotify, Donlu and worth listening to on SoundCloud.

Having released mixed tapes consistently since 2015, King Kidd is now working on compiling a full album, for which he already recorded more than 30 songs.

We are here for it and can’t wait to experience this musical genius on his new music. In the meanwhile though, we are scouring every site we can find to listen to the full complement of songs, ‘cause we’re hooked.

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