Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Imalwa must resign- Venaani, Kavekotora

… as she cries being targeted for being in exile

By Staff Reporter

Calls for the resignation of Prosecutor General, Martha Imalwa reached fever pitch in opposition camps this week after she confirmed that the missing N$600 million at the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) could not be recovered.
The PG admitted that her office failed to prosecute for lack of evidence in that according to her, critical documentary evidence had gone missing, key witnesses had died and some simply could not recall what happened. She held a widely covered press conference this week at her office where she described the massive GIPF scandal as “regrettable”.
However the official opposition President McHenrry Venaani said Imalwa should resign with immediate effect. Venaani said although the PG’s office was independent, she will have to call it quits “for moral reasons”.
But judging from the press conference there are no signs that Imalwa will be going anytime soon. She said her long stay in office had been on account of her competency, adding that she was “not picked from the streets” but had applied for her job.
“I am a prosecutor. I started my prosecution career in 1992 and I climbed ranks because of my performance,” she challenged.
Chairperson for the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Accounts, Mike Kavekotora described the GIPF revelations from Imalwa as rather shocking.
“This is a sign that the country is heading into a political wilderness,” he remarked and echoed Venaani’s call for her immediate resignation.
Imalwa stepped closer to the highest rank within the prosecution office in 2000 when she became the deputy PG.
“And I was not given the post just like that,” she told journalists, “I applied and I was interviewed by members of the judicial service commission who interviewed everybody and I succeeded.”
The GIPF scandal comes a long way from 2009 and dust has refused to settle over it with politicians and unionists over the years calling for heads to roll.
Last week, unionist Evilastus Kaaronda threatened to drag the PG to court for failure to prosecute while accusations have been that she has been sitting on the dockets for 10 years.
Imalwa flatly denied this, adding that she was adamant on the principle that she would not allow anyone to prosecute anyone without evidence.
Imalwa says she is angry at shadowy Facebook character.
She scoffed at allegations that she has been protecting the Prime Minister’s husband and political heavyweights said to be complicit in the SME Bank case.
“Why should I be criticized just because I was in exile? Being in exile doesn’t mean that you are a politician. We were fighting for the independence of the country and it doesn’t mean that because you were there you will not do your work independently, or you will favour people,” she said.
She added, “Maybe I can put it together with the anger. I have already referred to Hilma Geingob, if you look at what he says and the articles which always appear in the Observer. There was one on the social media (sic).
It was given to me where I am regarded as a chief corrupt person. I wonder, if I am so corrupt, why am I still not being investigated ? There are laws in place. You can follow my way of living and see what you will gather.
That is what actually angers me. I am a human being like any other person. Even if it was you. Every day you are in the paper and every day you are corrupt. Will it not anger you? Will you just smile?
Psychologically I am being tortured and my family is being tortures. Why? Why can’t we be prosecuted then?” she said.
She said that she will not be nudged into prosecuting anyone due to public pressure and without there being a case established “just to benefit the public”.
“I can’t do that. They can put pressure and I will not do that. Those you know, you are following you could see how many millions in the high treason (trial) PG is being sued, should pay, you want government to spend a lot of money because the Prosecutor General is prosecuting because people want her to prosecute? I can’t persecute people! No!” she said.

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