Monday 12 April 2021
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A miscarriage of justice- PDM on GIPF saga

By Megameno Shikwambi

The Popular Democratic Party (PDM) president, McHenry Venaani has described the latest revelation by Prosecutor General Martha Imalwa that the missing N$660 million funds could not be traced, as a miscarriage of justice.
Speaking to members of the media at a press conference at the party Head Quarters here in the capital, PDM president McHenry Venaani said he had written to the President with demands into the case.
The official opposition thus urged the President to allow for new investigations into the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) after the Prosecutor General, Martha Imalwa confirmed that the unaccounted N$660 million could not be traced.
“We are firmly demanding from the President that a new investigation by independent experts be conducted because what we are saying is that this money of GIPF is not money that was stolen from the Nigerian style of suitcases. It was money that was transferred electronically into accounts.
It was money that was transferred to companies whose directors were known then if those companies are defunct. It is money that bought a number of assets in this country of whose directors’ assets are known.
People have farms. They have hotels. They have service stations. They have every business opportunity that they have running from this money. In fact you have a family that is probably the second or third richest family that got rich because of this GIPF money,” said Venaani.
Venaani alleged that one of the direct beneficiaries of the money was the late Aaron Mushimba whose family he said was the third richest in the country. “Aaron Mushimba was a leading culprit in the GIPF and he was protected. There are no lies about it, I am not even going to lie about it. He was being protected because he was very close to the First Family.“We know these things. We know some families that are being protected on these matters. So with all due respect to his late life. I know that he was protected and this is why we have these results. So I am not afraid even to mention names. I can mention a number of them that are being protected. It’s comrades protecting comrades and this is why this matter cannot be prosecuted,” said Venaani.
He said the protection of certain elite families was the reason the case has taken so long.
“So for us to be told that there is no credible evidence to prosecute, if you have given a hundred million to Nico Smit and has declared that company bankrupt there is a fiduciary duty of a director of that company to be responsible for that debt.
So to tell us that N$660 million is gone missing as if this money is money that was stolen from a loot of suitcase and money disappear, the traceability of this money is known,” he said. Venaani said his party had no confidence anymore in the office of the Prosecutor General “in dealing with sensitive matters of our country”.
“Corruption and matters of integrity. So the Prosecutor General by not having taken firm action on this matter has made herself guilty of conducting herself in a very unprofessional manner. And we think that the best thing is that she must just recuse herself,” he said.  He has also challenged Imalwa to make available to the public the sealed evidence that is available to her office.
Venaani accused Imalwa of failure to put the case into the court’s hands so that he can make a determination, rather than concluding that the case had hit a break-wall.
He thus called for the voluntary recusal of Imalwa.
Meanwhile, he said that his party will be appealing to other opposition parties, churches and pressure groups for a march to the PG’s office to demonstrate displeasure in the manner she handled the case demanding her resignation.
Imalwa this week torched a storm with political parties and citizens alike after she told journalists that the GIPF case was regrettable suggesting that the nation has to move on.
Despite calls for her resignation and utter dismay expressed by Namibians, the PG has given no hint that she would be resigning but confirmed that she would not be pushed to prosecute people where there was no prima facie evidence.

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