Sunday 20 June 2021
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NPL ‘powerless’ in promotion-relegation battle

Namibia Football Association (NFA) executive committee member, Victor Amunyela, has condemned Namibian Premier League (NPL) Chairperson Patrick Kauta’s directive to carry out promotion and relegation in Namibia’s top-flight league, as well as first and second divisions, saying ‘that power lies solely with the executive committee of the NFA’.
Addressing the media at the NFA’s base in Katutura, Amunyela gave an impassioned reaction to the news that the NPL would be proceeding with relegation and promotion of teams across the country’s three top-tier leagues despite the first and second division not competing last season, calling the country’s football situation “abnormal”.
He went on to challenge Kauta and the NPL to contest the NFA’s verdict to the Court of Arbitration of Sports (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Citing the NFA’s statutes dated November 8, 2018, Amunyela said, “any matter relating to the promotion or relegation of a club to or from one league to another, and for which no provision is made here, shall be decided on by the executive members of the association, whose decision shall be final.
“By the time the leagues were starting, nobody knew that the two leagues [first and second division] would not play, and so that provision was not made”, said Amunyela.
“Now this rule is saying that in that instance, that decision shall be made by the executive committee.
Unfortunately we don’t have an executive here, but we have the normalisation committee which was announced that it shall possess the same power as the executive of NFA, for the time being,” he added.
Meanwhile, a host of football clubs in the top-flight, including Tigers FC, Black Africa FC, Civics, Citizens FC, Mighty Gunners, Orlando Pirates and Young Africans have released a joint statement expressing their dissatisfaction at the NPL executive committee’s “irresponsibility” and inability to act according to the statutes set by the NFA.
Speaking at the same press conference, owner of relegated Young Africans football club, Maleagi Ngarizemo directed his discontent towards NPL Chairperson Patrick Kauta, going as far as calling for his resignation, saying that his lack of communication to other executive members of the bodies makes it a “personal” issue.
“He (Kauta) should just leave football, he is not good for football” said a disgruntled Ngarizemo.
“Maybe it’s because I don’t have the power that Kauta has, maybe it’s because I don’t have the money that he has and that’s why he decided to deal with me the way he is dealing with me.
Now it’s so clear that this is not a football decision, it’s just purely a personal decision, and on that basis I think this man must leave football.”
Ngarizemo’s dispute with the NPL dates back to earlier in 2018 when Young Africans allegedly fraudulently registered Zimbabwean national, Tapiwa Musekwa, as Albert Mujikirera with a false or altered passport.
The same player was later signed to Kauta club namely African Stars.
The NPL suspended the club from all league pending further investigation and deliberation which has been complicated by the current stand-off between NFA and NPL.
Cited as the second respondent on the arbitration matter between the Normalisation Committee and the NPL, is the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC).
In a letter to Harald Fuelle, Simataa Mwiya replied that the Sports Commission is not in a position to “constitute an Appeal committee”.
He further requested for exhaustive evidence to be provided to the NSC to facilitate the intervention sought.

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