Thursday 15 April 2021
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Namibia swings across the line into finals

By Staff Reporter

On the back of the suspension of Zimbabwe by the ICC, the Namibia Women’s Cricket team will compete in the ICC Women’s T20 World cup qualifiers from the 31st of August to the 7th of September in Scotland.
Zimbabwean teams that had made it to the qualifiers have been suspended and the women’s team will be replaced by runners-up Namibia.
Africa had a single spot for the competition in Scotland, a spot which Zimbabwe secured and which will now be filled by Namibia. This took place after the International Cricket Council (ICC) has suspended Zimbabwe, after the Sports and Recreation Commission installed new leadership which led to the sport being compromised as it was no longer free from the interference imposed by the government.
Namibia will be up against Ireland, Thailand and the Netherlands in group B. Group A will see Scotland, Bangladesh, USA and Papua New Guinea, taking the total teams in the Women’s T20 to 8.


“This is a huge opportunity for women’s cricket in Namibia, obviously it’s not the best way to get into this tournament but we are taking it with both hands, so we want to make Africa proud not just Namibia but Africa as well,” Captain Yasmeen Khan has said, noting that the team is excited to be in the same group as Ireland, a tournament favourite.
Khan thanked all who have been supporting and believing in Women’s Cricket.
Leornad Nhamburo, the team’s couch who coincidentally hails from Zimbabwe, has said that when the team went to the qualifiers in May, their main goal was to qualify.
With this surprise opportunity to participate in the competition again, they have to make sure to play to the best of their abilities to qualify for the world cup, he believes.
“That stage is a different stage from the Africa qualifiers, ‘cause now we have to play against the best from all the continents across the world so that stage is going to be a bit tougher” Nhamburo said.
The team will travel to Pretoria next week, to play warm-up games against Provincial sides and to perfect their game plans and combinations.

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