Sunday 20 June 2021
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“No ordinary summit” – Geingob

As a first step towards repositioning the way Namibians do business, as well as to increase confidence in the Namibian economy, the private sector led High level panel on the Namibian economy hosted a two day summit on reviving growth prospects for the economy. Under the leadership of Johannes Gawaxab as Chairman, the summit was described as a first of its kind. Officiated by President Geingob, the Summit addressed key areas for reform in order to create a welcoming climate for all business people alike.

Hosted under the theme “economic revival for inclusive growth – strengthening the Namibian house “, the summit raised N$ 50 billion in investments and will continue to work towards its stated goal which is to achieve an investment target of US$ 1 billion over the next two years.  Representatives from the youth, women and unions also attended the summit.  Geingob is his opening address described the summit as “no ordinary summit” defining it as an undertaking to determine the economic destiny if Namibia.

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