Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Team welcomes relegation decision

“The NC (Normalisation Committee) have pronounced themselves. During the award ceremony of the NPL several speakers requested the NC to pronounce themselves with regards to the relegation. Now the NC has pronounced themselves and we are waiting to see what is the way forward,” said Tim Isaacs, chairman of Civics Football Club, which is directly affected by the decision taken by the normalisation committee.
FIFA endorsed a proposal by the Normalisation Committee to exempt legislation from the top-tier’s roster.
The NC was quoted last week as stating that “this decision falls squarely within the mandate of the NC, which assigns the daily management of the NFA to the NC. We believe this decision to be in the best interest of football given the specific abnormal realities in the fraternity.” Says Isaacs, “we were fortunate to be the beneficiaries of such a decision, it is in the right direction.
We have to take the reality into consideration. The decision is more like damage control with regards to the relegation and promotion system.”
Due to the fracas at the footballing body no football was played during the last footballing season, which meant that with no games played, teams could only be relegated to lower ratings.
“You cannot expect normal decisions in an abnormal environment. I am quite aware that there might be authorities individuals who are not welcoming such a decision, who were advocating that relegation should take place, but be that as it may, at the end of the day certain decisions lie with certain authorities and in this case the authorities have spoken.”
Isaacs says the team has learned a valuable lesson and will push to avoid finding themselves in a similar position in the future. He commends the decision by the normalisation commission and expresses his hope that whatever needs to be done in done by the first and second divisions to avoid a repeat of this situation.
The normalisation committee last week cited Article 9 of the FIFA Statutes which deals with the principle of promotion and relegation, it is believed that no “sporting merit” exists which determines a club’s participation in a league.

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