Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Style Sophistication & Excellence

Walking into the foyer at the Marigold Hotel in Windhoek, you are immediately ensconced in a luxurious welcome into the opulence of grand design, beautiful architecture and warm smiles.

In a city where one can often feel overlooked, the friendly and efficient personnel at Marigold help one to feel of utter importance without being intrusive.

From the moment of check-in to the minute of checking out, the excellent team professionally, discreetly cater to your every need, willing to go the extra mile to ensure your visit goes smoothly.
On entering the suites, you immediately transcend into a more peaceful space, mentally. The ample furnishings provide for your every need and with room service a simple call away, you practically have a butler at your beck and call.

After the hustle and bustle of city life, one often needs some down time; pamper oneself and let somebody else make the bed and cook the food. And what magnificent food it is!

The 5-star menu at Marigold is nothing short of pure bliss, with the welcoming chef fulfilling his dream of feeding the masses. From his succulent oryx steaks in red wine reduction, to his lip-smacking wings, steaks and mind-blowing reductions, one is almost compelled to personally thank him and try to pry some of his secrets out of him, to which his answer is almost always “it’s simple” before proceeding to regale with a cooking tale full of intricacies.

Marigold offers entertainment in its bar area and what entertainment it is. The perfect ambiance is created with extraordinary decor, comfortable seating and efficient, welcoming and knowledgeable mixologists.

With the option of outside on deck seating while the city of Windhoek stretches out in full view, the winter sun warming your skin, a cool drink in hand and music of your choice floating towards you, one could get used to taking a time-out from life and getting the royal treatment more often.
And if you are a party of people looking to celebrate an occasion, Marigold offers private rooms complete with music or karaoke, décor that is breathtaking, and the chance to dance the night away with up to 30 friends, without being concerned about outside factors.

And of course a safe ride down in the elevator to your suite after you’ve let your hair down is the safest way to go.

The unobtrusive service providers keep the rooms up and go beyond the call of duty to ensure that you are comfortable and experience the best during your stay at Marigold.

If 4-star luxury and service is what you long for, The Lounge highly recommends Marigold hotel. It is excellence of service, beautiful décor and exactly what the doctor ordered to temper the stresses of every day.

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