Sunday 16 May 2021
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Those against Operation Hornkranz / Kalahari should think twice

By Salomon K Noah

I don’t know if many of us criticise matters while in the comfort of our uptown apartments and cars, while forgetting the reality in the streets.
One thing is for sure, violence has escalated over the years especially at Single Quarters, Eveline Street and Havanna with gang groups such as Boko Haram terrorising the streets.
The gang boys are forcibly taking people’s cell phones and other goods with the threats of pangas and knives, mostly targeting women. It shows that we forget fast.
Daylight robberies are on the rise, at stops and traffic lights where by innocent people are getting high jacked their goods while waiting for pickups whether standing or inside cars and let it be alone on the edges of riverbeds where high level criminal activities have found a home.
Yet we are still criticising the operations?
Think again Namibians. Hanging spots are not even safe anymore due to every second citizen armed with either a knife or panga underneath waiting for a ‘step on toes’ to react violently.
We have been complaining all these past years that the members of Namibian Defence Force are getting paid for doing nothing for the country without understanding their role of securing national security.
Now that they are being utilised to compliment the Namibian Police Force to fight and prevent crimes and uphold law and order yet we are at their necks, allow me to ask what do we really want as a nation?
When the economy is in shambles like this, violence and crime rates are more likely to be high as well. This is because of anger, frustration and bitterness due to hardships we are all going through and trust me fights can pick up at the most silly action of the next citizen.
Thus I cannot thank better the initiative of these operations like Operation Hornkranz / Operation Karahari to maintain peace while we all holding onto better days.
In ‘When a state turns on its citizens’ by Lloyd Sachikonye, the writer highlighted on ‘Violence in Operation Restore Order/Murambatsvina’- In 2005, the Mugabe regime implemented a sweeping operation in urban and rural areas to ‘clean them up’ ostensibly of dirt, crime and subversion.
“It was a sweeping military style programme purportedly to solve the simultaneous social, economic and political problems facing the country”.
Although it’s almost the same concepts it is totally different due to the fact that the Namibian approach is a complimentary exercise to the existing mechanisms in place adjudicated by the police not literally to victimise citizens as many of us are politicising it.
Unless we criticise the minor loopholes in the implementation of the operations, such that the soldiers’ lacks etiquettes to deal with civilians but those leakages can be ironed out without halting on the entire operation and I conquer with a special force soldier I engaged with in this whole debate.
Lastly let me remind fellow Namibians that we are a very tolerant nation and respect international law and standards and very lenient when it comes to dealing with foreign nationals.
Visit other countries and you will feel pity how foreign nationals are being victimised. Zimbabweans are our brothers and sisters and we honour that.
Therefore I do not see it fit for the operation to be halted because of one particular somebody who became a victim of not abiding to the law, may his soul rest in peace though.

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