Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Stevie Damaseb Jr follows has big shoes to fill

By Maurice Kambukwe

Over the past years Namibia has managed to produce top class footballers on both the local and international scenes.
One of the newest promising talents to emerge as one to look out for is Steven Junior Damaseb.
Just like his father Steven Damaseb who is the former Chelsea and Orlando Pirates sensation, and his uncles Orlando, Pieces and Pele Damaseb, Junior is proving that football is indeed in his blood.
Junior was born in Otjiwarongo and currently resides at the coastal town of Walvis Bay. He is the third son of the former Chelsea midfielder Steven Damaseb. He’s the current national under 17 team captain.
He fell in love with football at the tender age of seven, that’s when he joined Play Time Football Academy at the coastal town.
With so much potential and good performances at several local tournaments, he was then promoted to the senior team which was U/17, at the age of twelve.
While he was playing for the senior team at Play Time Football Academy he eventually earned himself a place in the national under 17 national team at the age of fifteen. He says football wasn’t something that he fell in love with, but that it was in his DNA. That is why he keeps pushing to a level that his retired father didn’t attain.
“My father played for the national team, and with so many stories that I heard, I noticed my love for the beautiful game comes from further away than just street soccer. So that always reminded me it was something in our blood line. My dad had a great career during his time as a national team player, and what is not good was not getting that chance to see him play. That really breaks my heart every time I’m told about his stories.”
Stevie Jr Damaseb has been an inspiration for other kids around him, who look up to him and is not only a full time soccer player but does coaching as well, which he says is a way of inspiring more young players.
“I actually do coaching with my dad, which at the moment I’m enjoying. He coaches the senior team and I coach the junior under 9 team at junior gaming academy. I wake up every day planning what to do with my junior team, which I know inspires someone every day.” At the age of sixteen he has already earned his national under 17 cap and the current under 17 captain with ambitions to get a gold medal with the national senior team.
Damaseb Junior says wearing the national jersey at such an early age is a privilege and it has been one of his highlights thus far.
He also has a bronze medal that he won with the national under 17 COSAFA team last year in Malawi, something that he wants most young kids to achieve at an early age.
Damaseb is currently not affiliated to any club but he would one day love to play for Manchester United which he has been supporting since his childhood.
“I have been a Manchester United fan since I was a little boy, my dream is to play for that club one day.”

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