Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Kalenga predicts chaos

… In last minute bid to stop Nangolo


By Kelvin Chiringa

Ondonga Kingship aspirant Konis Einos Kalenga has said that there is going to be chaos and irreparable divisions within the Ondonga Kingdom if Fillemon Shuumbwa-Nangolo is to be coronated as King this coming Saturday. Kalenga (55) launched a last minute bid to stop the coronation of Nangolo in the Windhoek High Court. Nangolo is the officially designated successor to the throne.
Kalenga sought an urgent order interdicting and restraining the urban and rural development minister, Peya Mushelenga  from further implementing a decision that he made approving the application for designation of  Nangolo as the candidate to the throne.
But tables have also turned against Kalenga as one of his backers and senior head man; Naeman Amalwa this week dumped him at the last minute, for Nangolo.
In his founding affidavit seen by The Patriot, Kalenga claims to be the lawfully nominated candidate to succeed the late King Immanuel Elifas. “After the death of the late King Immanuel Kauluma Elifas, I was nominated by the authorised members of the royal family to succeed the late king,” he claims.
He argues that the approval of the designation application by Nangolo as candidate to be King of the Ondonga by minister Mushelenga on the 10th of June 2019 is contrary to Articles 1 and 18 of the Namibian constitution.
According to Kalenga he only became aware that the minister had designated Nangolo via social media, instead of from him and that an application approving his designation was on its way to the ministry. He has slammed Mushelenga for being biased in favour of Nangolo and the traditional councilors who were dismissed by the late King Elifas.
“I assert that the approval of 6th respondent’s (Nangolo) designation application as well as the envisaged coronation that arises from that designation contravenes the provisions of Section 4 (1) (a) or 8 (2) of the (Traditional Authorities) Act in that the purported nomination of the 6th respondent as a candidate for designation was not made by the authorised members of the Ondonga royal family and on this basis, the envisaged designation and or coronation of the 6th respondent will not be in accordance with our customs and the Act as it emanates from a flawed process,” he says.
If the customary law that sanctions how a king is succeeded, nominated and designated is not adhered to, Kalenga argues, he and other members of the royal family will be prejudiced.
It will further disrupt the long standing customary precedence of succession to the throne and that will eventually affect his rights, he submits.
It is on this basis that Kalenga wants his rival stopped from being coronated this coming Saturday.
If not set aside, the coronation will “lead to further chaos and division in the Ondonga community and that division may be irreparable”.
“I say this as I am aware there are already divisions in the community and these divisions emanate from my and 6th respondent’s candidacy to be designated as chief,” he argues.
He has also claimed that when Mushelenga received his designation application, he failed to inform him or any councilor that it did not meet the requirements prescribed in Section 5 (1) of the Local Authorities Act.
Mushelenga is also said to have not requested further information from Kalenga or any councilor as provided for in Section 5 (1) (vii), did not act in any manner prescribed in 5 (2) of the Act, and totally failed to approve the application.
“I assert and submit that the 1st respondent (Mushelenga) cannot simply ignore my application in accordance with the schemes set out in Section 5 of the Act. I assert that my application that was submitted to the first respondent met the prescribed requirements set out in Section 5 (1) (vii) of the Act,” he challenges.
Kalenga also claims that Mushelenga wrote a letter informing Joseph Asino of his designation of Nangolo as candidate to the throne while Asino is not a councilor or an Ondonga Traditional Authority member.
As far as Kalenga is concerned, Asino was dismissed as councilor by the late King Elifas.
In the meantime, the defection of Amalwa to the camp of Nangolo has changed the entire scope of the case, lawyer Elize Angula told this publication.
“The odds are in our favour,” she commented briefly.  At the time of going to print, the matter was still before the Court.

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