Thursday 6 May 2021
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Defeated Nudo old-guard clings to parliament

… Speaker slapped with ultimatum to remove them


By Kelvin Chiringa

The Namibia Unity Democratic Organisation’s (NUDO) ex-president and former secretary general, Asser Mbai and Meundju Jahanika have refused to vacate their seats at parliament despite a deadline set by the party.
Both were voted out of the party’s leadership structure via an accepted second congress vote which superseded a 2018 chaotic plebiscite which plunged the party into confusion and unpleasant power battles.
NUDO has now been taken over by activist Ester Muinjangue and musician-cum-politician Josef Kauandenge who are set to take over at parliament with effect from Sunday the 30th of June.
The new party SG, Kauandenge exclusively revealed that speaker of parliament, Professor Peter Katjavivi failed to effectively act on a letter issued by the party to recall Mbai and Jahanika citing some technical faults.
Frustrated by the current impasse, Kauandenge has said his party has now slapped the speaker of parliament with an ultimatum of until Friday the 27th as deadline upon which the two should cease to represent NUDO at parliament.
He added that the reasons for refusal to pave way for the new party leadership have no grounds adding that the duo were being driven by greed.
Jahanika has expressed his worry about his pension monies if he is to prematurely leave parliament.
“They gave us a due date of June (2019).  They told us that they had investigated the issue and that we will get all our benefits but this is not true because when you are not paying now, when you retire it will not be the same like for one who was there for the past five years. So yours will be less. They work out how much contributions you would have made,” he told The Patriot.
In the meantime, the party will take legal action against Mbai and Jahanika with effect from next week, Kauandenge said.
“Politicians are greedy, especially those old ones. There is no ground for their refusal. They just want to stay there and still eat,” commented Kauandenge.
Jahanika has in the meantime critisised the timing of his recalling, calling it wrong.
“This action will create more problems than before. We are not ready to go. We think that this is not the right way of doing it.
They should have convened with the Central Committee but they are refusing; now they are saying the congress mandated them to be everything.
They are the Central Committee; they are the Executive Committee and everything. They know that in the central committee they are a minority. So I do not know. This will not unite the party,” he exclaimed.
He has pointed to a third force from within that is working to torpedo them from the party.
“I think their action is not from them.
There are some members of the party who were supporting them who do not want to see us again (sic),” he told The Patriot.
Jahanika, who was openly unhappy with Muinjangue leading the party during the contested congress of 2018, has also been recently accused of spying on her.
“Honorable Mbai comes from his farm straight to parliament and from parliament to his farm.
He does not engage the new leadership at all. So when he is in parliament whose agenda is he driving? And Jahanika is the last person to talk about party spirit because he is the one telling people that he is moving with us so that he can be close to us and try to see what we are planning because people are saying be close to your enemy and know what they are planning,” she said.
NUDO is a party that is coming out of internal conflict which threatened to derail its campaign trail at infancy.
It managed to however hold a congress which brought order while rivals buried the hatchet as the major opponent to the presidency, Vetaruhe Kandorozu conceded defeat.
Batting on a wicket of genocide reparations, equitable employment opportunities and better economic management, the party has expressed itself as a government in waiting.
Muinjangue and Kauandenge have launched attacks on President Hage Geingob for allowing corruption and extravagance to hurt the state coffers.
Muinjangue is the only female party president to ever emerge out of the grassroots to lead a political party while Kauandenge is the only Oviritje musician to ever rise to political stardom.

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