Thursday 6 May 2021
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Ondonga King to be unveiled end of month

By Kelvin Chiringa

Newly installed King of the Ondonga Traditional Authority Fillemon Shuumbwa is set to be publicly unveiled to the Ondonga Traditional community on the 29th of this month in accordance with customs and practices.
This has been disclosed in a draft letter seen by The Patriot and issued by the Ondonga Traditional Authority acting chairperson, Sheetheni Kamanja.
But lawyer for the King, Elize Angula has in the meantime told The Patriot that the rival faction led by aspirant to the throne, Konis Eino Kalenga filed an urgent court application in the Windhoek High Court this week. Angula said she has this week been monitoring movements at the High Court given that the Kalenga camp was yet to file any application since last week.
She is also a member of a steering committee which was created to resolve the succession wrangles.
Pressed on whether it will have any impact on the planned ceremony, Angula said she could not tell as she was yet to take a look at the contents of the application.
The latest goings on in the unstable Ondonga house adds fuel an already burning contestation which continues to widen divisions.
Shuumbwa was installed as successor to the throne of the Omukwaniilwa of the Ondonga on the 14th of April this year by the traditional authority council in Onambango village much to the chagrin of his rival contestant, Konisa Kalenga. In the meantime, Urban and Rural development minister Peya Mushelenga has officially recognized Shuumbwa as the legitimate heir apparent and is expected to be a guest of honour at the ceremony.
That is if the court does not decide to stay the ceremony in case Kalenga’s application holds merit that demands so. Meanwhile Mushelenga was issued with a letter by the Ondonga Traditional Authority requesting that he acknowledge Shuumbwa as the legitimate successor of   the late King Immanuel Kauluma Elifas, who died in March. He was also slapped with an ultimatum which drove him to the corner as it threatened that should he fail to pronounce a King, they would make use of provisions within the Traditional Authorities Act to drag him before court.
Shuumbwa served as the personal assistant of the late King and the Traditional Authority went on record stating that he had been appointed heir procedurally “with the blessing of the Ondonga Royal House”.
The fight between Kalenga and Shuumbwa played out in the High Court where at one point the former requested  Judge Claudia Claasen  to interdict the latter from “acting in any manner as if he is the successor to the crown of the late Omukwaniilwa”.
According to a local daily, a further order was sought interdicting Nangolo from conducting himself in any manner that undermines the authority, powers, functions and privileges that the eligible members of the Ondonga royal family have to designate, nominate and appoint a successor to the king and/or head and/or chief of the Ondonga traditional community, and a declaratory order that only eligible members of the Ondonga royal family have the right, privilege and the power to designate, nominate and appoint a successor to the king, chief or head of the Ondonga Traditional Authority.
The application was consequently struck off the roll.

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