Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Angelina Emmanuel takes stock of past election

By Lahja Nashuuta

Former independent candidate in the recently held Ondangwa elections, Angelina Emmanuel has said that Namibians are no longer interested in parties that liberated them, but its more about service delivery.
Emmanuel said one of the lessons that she learned during her campaign was that the citizens are fed up with promises and needed their basic needs addressed.
“People need their basic needs to be satisfied, it’s important that politicians make time to go out to the people and observe the way they are living in order to fight the right battle instead of making political statements. People are more desperate about service delivery, portable water, serviced land, affordable housing, sanitation, jobs and affordable education” she said.
Immanuel said the generation of elders who used to favour SWAPO party just because of the role they play in liberating the country is fading out and the majority of voters are the youth who are mainly interested in economic emancipation.
She said although the region has about 16000 registered voters, most of the youth are dissatisfied and disillusioned by the corrupt and uncaring Political Party systems and the entire concept of voting and they then chose to stay away.
A self-proclaimed youth activist and educator said 1400 people who voted for an independent candidate should be a signal to the ruling party that people are losing interest in the liberation movement political ideology; they want a visionary leader who is able to engage them, listen and deliver services as per their election campaign  promises.
“People voted for me because they trust me and know what I capable of. I was born in Ondangwa and 29 years after independence, Ondangwa is still underdeveloped. People still don’t have sanitation facilities, there is lack of services land, lack of water, no electricity to mention but a few, people are lost hope on government and want to see change happening” she said. Emmanuel also expressing  her dismay at the low voter turn out.
She said as part of the way forward  she will formally ask ECN to hold consultative meetings in all 14 regions to discuss voter apathy.
She further said now that the concept of Independent Candidate has been accepted by people, the youth of Namibia can go ahead and stand as independent candidates.
“There must be 121 Independent candidates in every Constituency in the 2020 Elections,” she said.
Emmanuel said she will continue working with the community to address their challenges.
“Over the coming weeks, my team and I will announce concrete plans of action between June 2019 and November 2020 when we will take over from Mr. Negonga decisively. We just lost the battle, but we have won the war” she said.
The 27-year-old emerged second after scoring 1 402 votes after the SWAPO party candidate, Leonard Negonga who defeated all opposition parties. He took 1 936 of the 3 792  total votes cast while the other remaining candidates shared the remaining votes. PDM’s Johannes Martin scored 326 votes, APP’s Asser Vincent 97 votes and CoD’s Mandume Andreas got 31 votes.
The SWAPO Candidate narrowly won with 51%, bringing the votes down from 92% in the last elections.

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