Tuesday 11 May 2021
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We were never ready for Ousie Ebs!

What started as a joke and became a series of written stories has evolved into a full-fledged stage act and we are so here for it!

At The Lounge we called a number this week and a conversation that went something like “Hi Mr Milton, we would like to have a chat with Ousie Ebs sometime soon,” and if we tell you they both showed up; they both showed up!

They speak about the other like the other is an entirely different person and in a way they are, because their personalities are entirely different from each other.

Ousie Ebs’ name has evolved over the years from Evaldine, to Ebaldine, to Ebaldine van Haksteen (EVH for short) and her name is known by just about every Namibian who has access to a mobile phone. So many of us are avid watchers who cannot wait for the next instalment, and when we hear any bit of interesting news we are asking ourselves, ‘I wonder what Ousie Ebs thinks about this.

The evolution of Evaldine has been so momentus that it has taken Xuro a little by surprise and he has needed to take a little time to evaluate and re-calibrate, but Ousie Ebs is just on go mode, and when the lady has said go, then hey, the go is on.
Last week Ousie Ebs had her first show at the Warehouse Theatre of Namibia and Xuro was surprised when within days the show was sold out.

It was such a huge success that the nation has demanded an encore show and that is what they are getting. This week Saturday, Ousie Ebs is on stage again. Go see her if you missed out on the previous show. It is not one you want to miss and not something you will regret.
EVH will be in da building! Live and direct!

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