Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Sexiest man?

We Think So!

… Take care of your body and your body will take care of you


Divoli Uirab (@Divoli_Uirab) took time to sit in The Lounge this week and what an experience it was.

Not only is he worthy of the ‘sexiest man’ title, but he is also kind, humble and has an awesome sense of humour.

When you lurk through his social media pages, you might get the impression that Divoli is strictly a model, but that would be the wrong impression. He is into a fitness instructor, a salesman and modelling is just the cherry on top.

“I am just a regular guy, I am not any more special than the next guy, but what makes me unique is the individuality that I have. Whatever happens in life I am always focussed on what is the next move.”

Together with a few friends, Divoli has started a training facility called ‘Body Mind and Soul’ (BMS) Fitness.

He tells his journey as having started years ago and influenced by his father and uncle who were fitness fanatics and having an interest in body building from an early age.

After a spider bite in 2013, he was unable to walk for a 3 week period and spent a further 3 weeks learning how to walk again.

“I lost all my weight and I was really skinny and after that I decided to take fitness and health very seriously because I realised that your body is the only thing that you truly own.

You can lose your house and your family and everything physical around you, but your body is the one thing that you will always have and that holds you.

If it is healthy, you can do whatever else that is there to take care of it. A healthy body means a healthy life and that is the biggest reason why I am into fitness.”
His passion for fitness and health led him to BMS and he posts his progress on his social media to prove to people through his own experiences that one can lose or gain weight in a healthy and effective way.

BMS in turn led to meeting up with photographer Enzo Jantjies who drew the model out of him. He is a pioneer in the types of photographs and photo shoots participated in by male models in Namibia.

Photography is a safe place for Divoli where he can be himself and display a side of himself that may not otherwise be known.

In 2015, Divoli started out in the pageant world when he entered the Miedoso Inc held annually in Rehoboth. He did not place well in his initial attempt but it was a platform that garnered interest and he caught the eye of some industry guru’s.

Even though there are not many male pageants, Divoli represented Namibia in Nigeria in 2018 in the Mr Africa International competition where he placed well and he has again been shortlisted to compete in the next competition happening in South Africa.

Divoli is studying in the field of finance and is graduating in three years.

“I have come to the point of being a health and fitness influencer in Namibia and I also do personal training for people who want to get fit and I do consultations.

I have done the work and I keep showing people the results and that it is possible. My prime focus is related to health and fitness.”

Earlier this year Divoli was named by The Lounge as one of Namibia’s sexiest men and we are happy to report that he can hold onto that crown a good while longer.

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