Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Paratus launches Mumwe – a new ‘combined’ data pool

Paratus Africa in Namibia has once again taken the lead in bringing innovation to its clients with the release of Mumwe, a new product that has the option to share one data pool from multiple connections.
The new Mumwe packages enable customers to enjoy being flexible and fixed, both at the same time. It brings an end to multiple data contract subscriptions when customers merely want to use the data they have already purchased using an alternative technology.
Paratus Africa Managing Director for Namibia, Andrew Hall, says Mumwe means ‘to combine’ in Oshiwambo. “We developed the product to combine the data usage pool for one or multiple users. This way, our clients can leverage a cost saving in the process.”
“The original idea came from offering customers the option of one contract where they have the experience of fast reliable internet using Fiber to the home without having to sign up for multiple data subscriptions when away from home,” he explains.
Mumwe clients can, for example, have a single Fiber to the home subscription and access the same data pool using Fixed-LTE or have complete mobility with Mobile-LTE where the network coverage provides for. This also streamlines management of data usage as one merely needs to keep an eye on one centralised data pool instead of multiple data contracts. “People have become so reliant on their internet connection that it even goes on holiday with them. We have now introduced a solution that helps our customers avoid signing multiple data contracts. Mumwe is a combined offering that could provide cost savings in the process,” he concludes.
With Paratus already offering data Top-Up bundles at the lowest price in the Namibian market at N$15 per Gig, customers can now enjoy additional savings with Mumwe.

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