Thursday 6 May 2021
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Katjavivi blocks councillors from meeting bereaved Iyambo family

… Interferes in City of Windhoek wrangles


By Staff Reporter

National assembly speaker, Peter Katjavivi is said to have blocked a City of Windheok council delegation from meeting the bereaved family of the late Vice President Nickey Iyambo, calling for a  meeting instead to discuss the issue of reinstating police chief Abraham Kanime and chief executive officer Robert Kahimise.
The Patriot has in its possession the letter signed by Katjavivi, which called for an urgent meeting of Swapo leaders assigned to the Khomas region and Swapo councilors where he demanded to know why the municipal council did not follow up with the directive of President Hage Geingob to reinstate Kanime and Kahimise.
A source close to the issue added that the speaker called for the said meeting at the same time the councilors were to meet with the Iyambos. The Iyambo meeting was called for by Teckla Uwanga via a letter which Katjavivi is said to have disregarded so his meeting could take precedence.
The Katjavivi letter is dated May the 23rd 2019 and is addressed to Swapo party regional coordinator in Khomas, Elliott Mbako.
“As you may be aware, the situation pertaining to the City of Windhoek is pathetic and very urgent for the City, the country and most importantly for the image of the party. Therefore it cannot be postponed or delayed any further,” the letter reads.
However, the letter acknowledges that mayor Musee Kazapua had said the meeting with the Iyambo family would be short and that the councilors would be able to make it to the proposed meeting of assigned leaders just in time.
Katjavivi went on to instruct Swapo councilors to visit the Iyambo residence at their own private convenience should they “feel personally obliged”.
“In this regard, we advise, as leaders assigned that the letter from comrade Tala Teckla Uwanga be set aside and the meeting must proceed as planned. Please make it clear to all the concerned councillors that the meeting is proceeding as planned, without fail,” Katjavivi says in the letter.
The Katjavivi meeting of elders was attended by Khomas governor Laura McLeod-Katjirua, home affairs minister Frans Kapofi, and education minister Katrina Hanse Himarwa with the councilors making up the audience, The Patriot is informed.
“Katjavivi was fuming,” said the source who added that mayor Kazapua told the Speaker that he informed the councilors that this is a priority which must be acted upon. He further stated that the councilors were seemingly not interested to lift the suspensions as per the so called Presidential “directive.”
Himarwa is also said to have saved the day by reminding councilors of their legal duties and responsibilities. “Himarwa said she is in court for a legal matter similar to this and that she is familiar with Local Authorities and that they should not be directed by (us),” said the source. She is said to have also told the audience that no one was defending her in her court matters and that, “none will defend the councilors” if they do not follow the law.
Kapofi is also said to have stood in the way of Katjavivi.
“Kapofi reminded Katjavivi that the President did not say break the law. The Presidency clarified its position on the matter and so Katjavivi is wrong,” the source said adding that the minister warned against bringing the President’s name to disrepute.
According to source, the meeting ended with the speaker asking for the submission of a report by Friday and that he could call for a meeting.
Towards the end of January this year, President Hage Geingob issued the directive to the City which involved the dropping of all charges against the duo, so operations can run smoothly.
“I don’t have time to discuss. This (meeting) is not for discussions. Go back and reinstate Kanime. Suspend (and) remove the charges from the CEO (Kahimise). I am not a lawyer. Go and now doctor it. That’s opuwo!” he is quoted as saying.
This was met by a massive backlash from lawyers, activists and resistance from the City councillors.

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