Tuesday 11 May 2021
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The rise of Simon Jr

By Michael Uugwanga

Harry Simon is no stranger to the boxing world, however the name Harry Simon Jr is the name that is currently making waves in Namibia, thanks to the son of former World Boxing Organisation (WBO) Middleweight world champion Harry Simon’s son Simon Jr, who recently won his first professional boxing belt, the Namibian Super Lightweight title on 20 April 2019, when he beat Festus Matias also from Namibia.
Like his father, Simon Jr’s recent win against Matias is a sign that he is destined for greater heights which could one day see him conquering the world. Born 22-years-ago, Simon Jr attended primary school in his home town of Walvis Bay at Flamingo Primary School and went on to matriculate at De Duine Secondary School also in Walvis Bay.
At first boxing was not his priority, however after watching his father in training, he decided to try boxing although at first it was just for fun.
“I started boxing at the age of 12. At first I was just doing it for fun, but after seeing my father train every day it is when I decided to try it. At school I was just treated normal because I was a person for the people,” Simon Jr said.
Simon was speaking in an interview and opened up about his boxing career, personal life and his dream to be the best in the world.
Simon Jr’s Namibian Super Lightweight triumph means that this is just the beginning of more success to come from the boxer who turned 22 on 6 June. He will remain calm and will not easily be carried out as he is hungry for more success.
“It was a great feeling to be crowned champion (national title), but it is just a small taste for what is still more to come. I have grown a lot as both a boxer and as a man thanks to Nestor Sunshine Tobias and Boxing Fitness Academy,” Simon Jr said.
Simon Jr has fought nine (9) times and is still to taste defeat.
In recent media reports, there were talks that he has called out Julius ‘Blue Machine’ Indongo for a potential fight.
Indongo is a former World Boxing Association (WBA), International Boxing Organisation (IBO) and International Boxing Federation (IBF) World Super-Lightweight Champion.
“I am calling out Indongo because my camp feels that I am ready to fight the best boxers in the world.  I have a big respect for Indongo because he has achieved a lot in boxing.  I do not know if such a fight with Indongo will happen but I am ready. Me and my camp are still waiting from his (Indongo) camp if they are down for it,” Simon Jr said.
Simon Jr who is yet to fight the best African boxers is already considering himself as one of the best pound-to-pound boxer in the Super-lightweight division. If he is ever to fight for a bigger title, he will first have to win an African title, Pan African title or the Inter-Continental as a key to unlock the door for a world title.
“I see myself as one of the best boxers in the division, although I am still busy working hard to be considered as one of the best in the world,” Simon Jr said.

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