Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Sean Kamati

“If I could perform on any stage in the world, I would choose all of them. And I want the world to know that A Namibian has done that.”

Passionate, humorous and authentic, Sean K draws you in from the minute you sit down with him. It is clear with how his lyrics are so engaging and captivating the man is a natural conversationalist and it carries through in his speech and in his music.

Having recently celebrated his 30th birthday, Sean K reflects on his life, the road it took him to get to all he has achieved to date and what he is looking to in his near and his distant future.

Being born at the Windhoek State Hospital on May 25, 1989 at 21H00 is where it all began for this natural born singer. Being raised and nurtured in a church going family, it is no surprise that Sean K started singing in church at a very young age and through most of his teenage years.

Going away to study and working as a copywriter on his return did little to temper or contain the love for music that was bestowed to him by the very heavenlies.

Purely coincidentally Sean picked up a mic at a wrap party one night, which turned out to be the whirlwind which propelled him to participate in Song Night, releasing his first single ‘Smiling’ and quickly becoming one of the most sought after singers in Namibia.

With one of the most recognisable names in the industry today, it is understandable that Sean is a recognisable face in the Windhoek social scene and he is comfortable enough in his skin and down to earth enough that it does not affect the person who he is.

In 2015 Sean had to have major brain surgery after having had a cavernoma, which is a cluster of abnormal blood vessels, usually found in the brain and spinal cord, which haemorrhaged and needed to be removed.

It was a trying time for Sean and his family who all rallied behind and supported him, and who soon after recommended he move back home to be closer to them.

“My relationship with my entire family is great. Great is relative and subjective, but we all live together and we all get along so well and it is great! We are a close-knit family of 6.” After the surgery Sean bounced up quickly, and he was up and singing again in the shortest period of time.

Sean has graced the stages of Namrock several times, and was a solo act at the Windhoek Jazz Festival in 2015. By the end of 2017 Sean was the opening act for Joss Stone when she had the Namibian leg of her world tour.

His first album dropped in 2018, being a year old now and is still doing very well. Sean is a full time musician and is passionate about his art, his quality of life and about preserving his personal relationships.

Before music Sean thought that dance was what his passion is and he pursued that passionately until the music that was in him again reared its beautiful head and took over his life with a bang!

Life after 30 is looking promising for Sean as he is currently penning music for an album, is recording a song that will be dropping soon and has plans of seeing even more of the world, performing for even more people and most importantly, flying the Namibian flag as high and as proud as he possibly can.

At The Lounge we say, fly that flag son of the soil, fly that flag.

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