Wednesday 12 May 2021
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NUDO sees nothing wrong with SWAPO headquarters renovations

…However ready to challenge SWAPO and PDM at the polls


By Michael Uugwanga

The National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO)  has said that it sees nothing wrong with SWAPO Party’s decision to spend N$730 million on renovating its headquarters in Windhoek, despite the country’s economy crumbling, which resulted in Government requesting the public to contribute two (2) percent contribution towards the drought relief program.
This was said by NUDO’s Secretary-General Joseph Kauandenge in an interview with The Patriot this week.
The multi-million dollar renovation of SWAPO’s headquarters has been heavily criticised by SWAPO’s former Secretary-General, Pendukeni Iivula-Iithana, who was quoted in a daily publication this week as saying that the project that was awarded to the Chinese Unik Construction, has come at a time that the country’s economy is facing the most difficult challenges than ever; such as drought, finance towards the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF), lack of housing, health care and many more.
“SWAPO has an exclusive right to build its office that we cannot dispute, however what is disturbing is the timing and the amount involved. We think it is ridiculous for them to build a party (house) at close to a billion dollars. In this economic outlook and then the very same SWAPO government has the audacity to request a 2% contribution to drought efforts from already impoverished Namibians. The SWAPO party could have donated that money to the students financial assistance fund to fund those 12000 students who have no education, instead of spending it on a building,” Kauandenge said.
In November, Namibians will go to the polls to vote for their leaders, and NUDO will be one of the parties that will be expected to challenge the ruling party (SWAPO) and the main opposition party Popular Democratic Movement of Namibia (PDM).
On Saturday, NUDO party held a youth rally in Windhoek at the UN Plaza Katutura, with the aim of taking the party closer to the youth in order for the party to lure more young people and take the party to greater heights in the near future.
According to Kauandenge, the rally was well attended by the youth, saying that his party is ready to challenge SWAPO and to overtake PDM as the main opposition party.
Ester Utjiua Muinjangue is the president of NUDO after succeeding Asser Mbai.
“The mere fact that NUDO could master to bring around 350 young people to a NUDO youth league meeting on Saturday afternoon is in itself an indication that the party is a force to be reckoned with. Our target since we took over office in March this year has been to canvass support amongst the youth as that remains an untapped oasis of new voters. We strongly believe that we can surpass PDM as an alternative party to SWAPO in this year’s election. We are also confident that we will take some votes away from SWAPO as evidently we are getting more and more members from SWAPO as well,” Kauandenge said.

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