Saturday 17 April 2021
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The Walvis Bay Young Achievers hold 2nd Annual Career Fair

…under the theme, “Make an informed career choice as we prepare the youth for a sustainable future”


Young Achievers engaged learners on on career guidance and mentoring as a group, the findings showed that pupils from the non-central regions do not get enough platforms where they can learn about career choices and mentoring, like their peers in Windhoek, and often end up choosing the wrong careers out of confusion and financial and or peer pressure hence Young Achievers coming up with the idea to plan and host an Annual Youth Career Fair in Walvisbay. Young Achievers agreed to host the fair early in the year as other fairs are usually held during the middle and towards the end of the year, when pupils are already confused and overloaded with work, making it harder to concentrate on their choices. Young Achievers therefore invited young and local professionals from Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and as far as Windhoek to present and talk to pupils on study options. Pupils had the opportunity to ask many questions and air their concerns about their future after Grade 12, had learners from 5 high schools in Walvis Bay, Duinesig High School, Kuisebmund Secondary School, Tutaleni High School, De Duine High School and Flamingo High School. Exhibitors included young professionals in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Psychology, Engineering, Tourism, Chemistry, Accounting and Entrepreneurship. Some of the speakers shared important life skills such as, obtaining drivers licenses, in preparation for the job market,

Our keynote speaker for the 2nd Career Fair was Mr Steven Harageib all the way from Windhoek, Mr Harageib is one of the co-founding members of Young Achievers together with Dr Pandu Hilonga back in 2004, he is a YALI Alumi and work as a Social Commentator on Mental Health & Youth, Mr Harageib talked about the importance of career choices and advised the learners that “A huge salary is not what should drive one to study a career but the impact one leaves in people’s life even long after Young Achievers have departed this world is what matters the most”

It was a very successful event, the pupils came in numbers from different schools; they listened attentively and asked many questions. It was simply amazing and Young Achievers is looking forward to similar engagements in the future. The feedback Young Achievers received so far from pupils after the event was very positive and overwhelming, the learners said they were motivated by the various exhibitors and especially proud that they can relate to them as they are from their own town and surrounding. Our next step now is to visit all the schools that turned up and create a medium by doing a survey and get feedback from the learners regarding the career fair by getting suggestions in terms of us having to improve and grow the fair and make it bigger and better come May 2020.
Our goal now is to increase the reach of the career fair to the wider coastal region and increasing the participation of high tertiary education institutions such as NUST, UNAM, IUM, NIMT, NAMFI and Welwitchia University to promote youth empowerment in the region since it is an initiative “By the youth, for the youth”.
Young Achievers want to thank several local busineses whom have been stellar partners in namely National Poultry Enterprises, Hafeni’s Bed & Breakfast, Kosmima Fast Food, Oxungi Oshiwambo Nights, Commerce Hub Academy, Benguella Petroleum Supplies, Richee’s Investment, HomeBoy’s Dial-A-Driver Services and Dany Graphix,
Young Achievers meet at, Namsov Learn Inn Peace Center in Walvisbay every Sunday to host our weekly youth meetings from 14h00 to 17h00.

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