Friday 23 April 2021
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Capricorn Group launches Senior Management Development Programme

Capricorn Group scaled new heights in their dedication towards developing leadership when it launched its Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP) on Monday, 20 May 2019 in Windhoek. The programme, facilitated by Capricorn Group’s Human Capital Department and offered by the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB), will equip the Group’s senior managers with the requisite skills and thorough understanding of leadership within the current and future global environment. This follows the Group’s recent announcement of the second intake of the Management Development Programme (MDP) for their middle management employees, which took place in February this year.
Nico Van Der Merwe, Capricorn Group Executive Officer: Enterprise Risk Management addressed the 21 Capricorn Group delegates who attended the official opening of the four-day assembly in a heartfelt speech.
He reminded them of the Group’s humble beginnings, fortitude against the odds that lead to success and the need for quality leadership willing to challenge and push themselves to become better-adapted leaders for the future.
“I would like to remind you that authentic leadership is the ability to move people to change. Hence, your ability to challenge preconceived and known methods will be tested.
You as senior management form a pivotal contributor to organisational performance and are responsible for creating circles of excellence, which in turn drives a high-performance culture within Capricorn Group.
Therefore, I urge you to step out and be bold in your quest to be catalysts for change,” said Nico.
As part of the Group’s Leadership Development initiatives, the SMDP is an accelerated high-intensity training programme aimed at senior management employees. It equips them in understanding strategic concepts and the ability to illustrate the integrative nature of strategy, as well as the ability to interpret the challenges of globalisation and the implication of change in one or more macro-economic forces related to the Group.
The delegates, who expressed their eagerness to learn how to effectively navigate change and enhance the ability to execute successful strategies for Capricorn Group’s business success, would be required to complete the allocated study school modules, five individual assignments and one group assignment over six months. The modules range from Designing Leading-edge Strategies to Operational Effectiveness & Supply Chain Management and concluding with an Integrated Assignment which infuses thinking and application across all modules. The delegates are expected to graduate later this year.
This investment in developing leaders serves as a prime example of Capricorn Group being Connectors of Positive Change for the greater good of not just the Capricorn Group itself, but also for the communities whom they serve, to reap the benefits of impactful leadership.

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