Sunday 18 April 2021
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Ondonga to build new palace

…queen stays in matrimonial house


By Eliaser Ndeyanale

The Ondonga royal family has resolved that the wife of the late King Immanuel Kauluma Elifas will not be removed from the house as per their traditional practices.
Oshiwambo culture dictates that if a King dies his wife has to be removed from their matrimonial house as she is no more married.
Usually when the wife vacates, she moves to a house which had already been built for her by the family in an event where the king dies.According to Ondonga Traditional Authority spokesperson Naeman Amalwa, omunyekadhi Secilia Elifas would not be removed because the current palace at Onamungundo does not belong to the royal family.
“She is not going to be removed from the house as the house belongs to the couple. The land where the house is built is theirs,” he said. He added that Martha Pinehas (the wife of Kauluma’s late brother) Fillemon Shuumbwa Elifas was not removed from the house.
He further said that the Ondonga Traditional Authority would build a new palace which will belong to the royal family.
“The one who will emerge as the substantive king between Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo and Konis Kalenga will be the first to have a palace built for him.”
Although he said he did not know the value of the new palace, Amalwa said after the kingship fight has been resolved, Aandonga people will be requested to contribute towards the construction of the palace.
He said the palace will be built at Ondonga village, the traditional palace of King Nangolo dhaAmutenya gwaSheya, who was reputedly one of the greatest founding royal kings according to Ondonga oral history. The late King Nangolo dhaAmutenya was also known for his special art of rainmaking.
The Aandonga currently have two kings, as two fighting factions each crowned their own leader as the King.
Nangolo was crowned at his homestead of Onambango village, while Kalenga was chosen by another faction of the royal family as Elifas’ successor on the same day.
The Namibian reported on Monday that the faction backing Nangolo on Saturday held a community meeting, where they agreed that the cultural norms, values and rituals of the Aandonga had been followed in appointing Nangolo. Elize Angula, who is a member of a steering committee which was set up to solve the succession battle, is also a legal adviser for the Ondonga community.
She was quoted as having said that they will write to Mushelenga to demand that he makes a decision on the two applications which he had received.
Angula said should Mushelenga fail to give them feedback, they will make use of the Traditional Authorities Act, which makes provision for a petition to be drawn up by members of a traditional authority in case of a dispute, which they will hand over to the minister.
Mushelenga responded by saying he is not above the law and can only act within the parameters of the law, as he has taken an oath to uphold, protect and defend the constitution and laws of the country.

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