Thursday 15 April 2021
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Demoted police commander draws dagger on Ndeitunga

By Staff Reporter

A demoted ex-commander of the Nomtsoub Criminal Investigation Unit in the Oshikoto region has spewed fire against Police Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga for messing up with his work to a point of leaving him without a duty station and a portfolio.
The aggrieved Detective Sergeant Matias Amugulu (31) came out to allege that he has been a victim of maladministration at Nomtsoub where he got assigned within the Criminal Investigations Unit.
He slammed Ndeitunga, the office of Regional Commander and Regional Crime Investigation Coordinator of Oshikoto Region for making bad decisions as well as “running the affairs of Nampol based on emotions, and rejecting the administrative policy of Nampol”.
In an expose seen by The Patriot, Amugulu has claimed that he is being subjected to organizational persecution for questioning the status quo, which he says is not in the spirit and aspiration of the administrative policy of Nampol.
In the meantime, the inspector general accused Amugulu of indiscipline by expressing his grievances with the media.
“When I recruited police officers to enter the force, I did it within the framework of lawyers governing the discipline and employment of police officers.
Up to now, I (have) not gone to a psychiatric hospital to be declared mad just to mess up with the work of someone without anything having happened.
“He should tell you the truth. I am not on the ground, what I do is what I get. Reports from their commanders. I do not know what is happening at the police station there. But if the person is lazy, absent from work, is not working according to the police code of conduct, he has to exit, and he has to be charged, reprimanded or fired even.”
I am here with public money to mandate law and order and the highest level of discipline in the force. I don’t think I am just mad to charge someone or to fire someone without doing anything wrong.
If he is complaining to the media his problems should be solved by the media,” said Ndeitunga.
But Amugulu blamed Ndeitunga and other high ranking officers for firstly assigning him to a non-existent unit, the Uniform Investigation Unit , which he claims crippled his work as a law enforcement agent.
The police officer of 19 years has also accused the officials for showing disinterest in his efforts to have this anomaly corrected.
During 2017, Amugulu said he learned that in terms of the approved Namibian Police force structure and establishment of 2013/2014 – 2017/2018 financial years, the Uniform Investigation Unit did not exist at Nomtsoub Police Station.
He laments that he was “dumped in the corridors of Nampol and left to wander around places” adding that he was virtually, a member without portfolio and duty station.
“One wonders, how in the first place the office of Inspector General of Police signed off transfers of members from approved establishment and structures into the wildness.
The other four members and I were literally in the corridors of Nampol. For that reason, during May 2018 the four members that were under my command at Uniform Investigation Unit, Nomtsoub, were transferred to (the) Criminal Investigation Unit, Nomtsoub and appointed as investigators,” he alleges.
An Ombudsman official, Oiva Amuthenu, said he would deal with the matter urgently and that he would write to Ndeitunga but nothing was done, Amugulu claims.
He further discloses that he was made to carry dockets of the Criminal Investigation Unit, which according to him was against the administrative policy of Nampol.
“The Unit Commander (of the) Criminal Investigation Unit, Tsumeb, verbatim informed me that I (was) there on my own and (that I did) not belong there, (and that) as brutal as it was, it (was) the truth,” said a distraught Amugulu.
An attempt to have himself transferred to the Tourist Protection Sub-division (Oshikoto Regional HQ) in 2018 initially hit a brick wall, Amugulu said, only for authorities to budge to his request later in December.
“During October/November 2018, I received a call from Deputy Commissioner Katjiua, RCIC Oshikoto Region, informing me that she had seen my application for transfer, however she is not going to entertain it  as I am apparently already transferred, but did not tell me or showed me any transfer letter to that effect, or as to where I am transferred.
I continued to be a member without portfolio and without a duty station,” he recalled.
Amugulu later secured a position as commander of the Criminal Investigation Unit but he alleges that the Inspector General later revoked his appointment with immediate effect via a letter dated, 13 February 2019.
During his time as commander, Amugulu said he had observed another anomaly.
“Nomtsoub Police Station (did) not have demarcated territorial boundaries since it came into operations during 2014,” he disclosed.
He said this was contrary to Nampol’s Administration Manual: Organization and Function; Chapter 3 (ADM-117:2010-11-26) standing Orders; C. 2: which says, “Regions, Stations and Units shall exercise jurisdiction within their territorial boundaries”.
“Nomtsoub Police Station is in Nomtsoub location of Tsumeb town, this will mean that the establishment of Nomtsoub Police Station should trigger an automatic re-demarcation of the territorial boundaries of Tsumeb Police Station, as it will be policing in the area that was traditionally under the territorial boundaries of Tsumeb Police Station.
None of the aforesaid happened, and I have raised this issue of territorial boundaries of the two Stations, since 2014, when I was at CIU, Tsumeb, but nothing was done,” he revealed.
Amugulu said he met high ranking officials. He also wrote to Ndeitunga, to have the fundamental matters addressed but nothing came of it.
He also claims there is a conspiracy by the two officers at Nomtsoub Police Station to have him discharged from the force on a charge of absenteeism.
“Ironically, it does not appear on Nomtsoub Police Station chronograph, yet they are recording me to be absent from work at Nomtsoub Police station, such a contradiction. I have since opened a case of Criminal Defamation, Nomtsoub Cr.  11/04/2019, against two suspects,” he said.
When approached by The Patriot, warrant officer Tsadid, who is said to be part of the plot to oust Amugulu, said he could not say much.
“That member absconds from duty until today.
As we are speaking he is not at work. Even at your work, if you are not working are you going to be paid while you have performance agreements.
And this type of things were reported to the Inspector General. I am not the one who is starting it, I am simply reporting that the member is not around,” he said.

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