Saturday 17 April 2021
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Nudo president accuses parliamentarian of spying

… as two party big-wigs refuse vacating parliament


By Kelvin Chiringa

Newly installed president of the National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) Ester Muinjangue has accused former party secretary general, Meundju Jahanika of spying on her.

Muinjangue, a genocide social activist and lecturer at the University of Namibia (Unam) exclusively made these revelations to The Patriot after she flexed her muscle for the first time as party leader by recalling Jahanika and ex-party president Asser Mbai from parliament.
It is presently unclear whether she is punishing them for his “transgression” but she has said that it was only logical for her and new party SG, Josef Kauandenge, to be the ones at parliament than people who were no longer part of the leadership slate.
Jahanika has not taken this drastic decision lightly.
He said that it was contrary to the party spirit and constitution and told this publication that he will not vacate August House that easily.
He said such a thing had never happened before in the party insinuating that the new president was power hungry.
The vocal Muinjangue who also happens to be the party’s first ever female leader accused Jahanika of acting contrary to the same spirit and is adamant that he will have to go to pave the way for the new leadership at parliament.
She also made available to this publication a five minute long audio recording purported to be the voice of Jahanika, in which he says he was keeping his enemies closer and observing their moves.
“What is he saying? What is the party spirit? Listen, everything has its beginning. It has never happened in NUDO to have a female president, it happened. So it’s logic and common sense. How would you want two people who are no longer in the party’s leadership to remain in parliament?
Honorable Mbai comes from his farm straight to parliament and from parliament to his farm. He does not engage the new leadership at all. So when he is in parliament whose agenda is he driving? And Jahanika is the last person to talk about party spirit because he is the one telling people that he is moving with us so that he can be close to us and try to see what we are planning because people are saying be close to your enemy and know what they are planning.”
A letter sent to the Speaker of parliament, Professor Peter Katjavivi recalling Mbai and Jahanika was received and acknowledged and would be acted upon, Muinjangue also said. Jahanika in turn told this publication that such a letter had not been received by Katjavivi when they approached him.

A party divided?
The recall of the two big-wigs has again driven a wedge splitting the party which last year was mired in slate politics that saw two factions vying for power through a drawn-out court battle.
Jahanika expressed that contrary to consolidating power and uniting the party ahead of elections as promised, Muinjangue was doing the opposite.
“The timing is wrong. This action will create more problems than before. We are not ready to go. We think that this is not the right way of doing it. They should have convened with the Central Committee but they are refusing; now they are saying the congress mandated them to be everything. They are the Central Committee, they are the Executive Committee and everything. They know that in the central committee they are a minority. So I do not know. This will not unite the party,” he exclaimed. The speaker will in the meantime consult and seek legal advice before acting on the NUDO directive to recall them from parliament, Jahanika continued.
“I think their action is not from them. There are some members of the party who were supporting them who do not want to see us again.
A week before, we were together in Otjozondjupa attending party meetings. She told the people there that she is not power hungry, that if she was power hungry she could have recalled us and that she is not going to do that.
Even the first meeting we had between us the old leadership and the new leadership, she promised us.
We heard rumours and so on that they are not going to recall anybody but we are surprised that they want to recall us. They gave us a due date of June (2019).  They told us that they had investigated the issue and that we will get all our benefits but this is not true because when you are not paying now, when you retire it will not be the same like for one who was there for the past five years. So yours will be less. They work out how much contributions you would have made.”
This means that as from July the 1st to March next year they will not receive a salary and therefore will as a result not be making contributions to the pension fund.
Their final benefit from the fund will thus be less than contributors who had continued to contribute to the fund throughout.

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