Friday 23 April 2021
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Nam Ambassador to Germany in N$1,2 million debt allegations

By Staff Reporter

A German newspaper (The Bild) reported on Thursday this week that the Namibian ambassador to Germany Andreas Guibeb allegedly owes money to several companies and has attachment orders against him to the value of 80 000 (N$1.2million).
“Andreas B.D. Guibeb has been ambassador of Namibia in Berlin for three years. He is married, has three children – and about 80 000 euros in debt,” the newspaper reported. The paper described him as a legal scholar residing in a posh Villa in Dahlem and promotes greater commitment of German companies in Namibia, but one who forgets to pay orders against him.
Guibeb was appointed as the ambassador to Germany in 2015.
The newspaper, which is considered the biggest tabloid in the country, also reported that there is a warrant of arrest issued against the ambassador. According to the report, the million dollar debt is as a result of services rendered by a German incorporated entity that was established with the purpose of promoting tourism and investment opportunities in Namibia.
The newspaper said that the ambassador failed to pay N$34 500 (N$547 000) to the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena (Thuringia) for a presentation on a research done for the “Friends of Namibia” in 2016.
The legal battle around this debt reportedly lasted until 2018 with an arrest warrant against Guibeb.
The report further stated that another company, Diskurs Communication, also demanded payment of £46 410 (N$ 739,988.17) for services rendered.
Bild reported that the head of Diskurs Communication, Jurgen Scheurer said that the court told them that the ambassador enjoyed diplomatic immunity and that an attachment order was therefore null and void and this resulted in their company having to pay both their own and Guibeb’s legal fees to the tune of £2 465 (N$39,310.44).
Guibeb served in several senior government positions, including being the first foreign affairs ministry permanent secretary in 1990, Namibia’s high commissioner to Zambia in the 90s, as well as being Air Namibia Managing Director from 1996 until 1999.
Guibeb has been involved in a number of controversies including his involvement in companies linked to tax evasion as well as controversial statements made with regards to the genocide matter.

Guibeb claims smear campaign
Despite numerous calls to Guibeb, the Ambassador failed to respond but issued a press release minutes before going to press, citing “mafia style fake news to black mail diplomats.”

Guibeb continues to deny that a warrant of arrest was issued against his person, while admitting to doing business with Diskurs Communication. After paying for the services rendered personally, he claims he had to stop due to cost cutting measures by Government.

Genocide comments
It was reported that comments made by Guibeb regarding the genocide matter in 2016, was not received well by activists.
Guibeb allegedly told opposition parties to withdraw their draft resolutions for the genocide issues from parliament. Citing the opposition of the Chancellor to recognise the 1904 – 1908 genocide in Namibia, Guibeb promises to seek an engagement with the CDU Ruling Party, describing this a smear campaign.

Minister unaware
Minister of International Relations Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah told The Patriot yesterday that she was not aware of the reported claims against the ambassador.
“I was in Mariental the whole day and am not aware of anything you are asking me now,” the minister said.

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